GrabAmeal platform is all about meal sharing with trust, transparency, and delight. This blockchain integrated food sharing platform offers quality homemade fresh food by qualified cooks and chefs.

This peer-to-peer network serves two–way purpose:

One is the advantage of food buyers, and the other is unique business opportunity for the food sellers.

It is an advantage for food buyers who are away from home and want to buy healthy homemade food in their location. Alternatively, GrabAmeal will offer the cooks and culinary experts an opportunity to open their home based restaurants where they will cook food after getting online booking from the buyers. This is an amicable way to earn some extra money by using the cooking skill of these cooks and experts.

The benefits of food sellers for using GrabAmeal platform:

Opportunity to set and run a home restaurant

The platform will offer the facility of listing as a cook,

It is completely safe to do business on GrabAmeal platform because it is blockchain integrated and completely transparent

Sellers can get positive reviews so that they can secure higher rank on the meal sharing platform

Sellers can upgrade their profile by working sincerely on the GAM platform: a premium seller is expected to generate more business

Seller can offer more than one option of homemade meals

A seller can offer value added services like home delivery option to facilitate their buyers’ convenience.

The benefits of food buyers for using GrabAmeal platform:

Opportunity to have homemade, fresh food when away from home

Buyers can check the list of cooks and select the sellers according to his food preference, territory, even on dining option

Buyers can check the review and ratings of the cook he has selected before ordering

After meal, the buyer can rate and review the seller.

All the transactions on GrabAmeal platform is done by using GAM crypto token. Both buyer and seller need to own GAM wallet with a minimum GAM balance in it.

The GrabAMeal platform is run on protocols, which are based on open Ethereum protocols. Other attractions of GrabAmeal platform are:

Transparent rewards?—?The platform rewards the sellers and buyers about the benefits of growth in value of the GrabAMeal platform by means of reward tokens for expansion, participation, and promotions. As the platform grows in volume of buyers and sellers as well as in transactions of the GAM token, the members of the GrabAMeal platforms can earn incremental benefits through carefully designed reward systems.

Dispute resolution and quality control mechanism is one of the features of GrabAmeal platform. GrabAMeal members, buyers, and sellers will always face numerous mismatches of expectations and divergence. A mechanism to involve other sellers and buyers and independent food experts in dispute resolution will be developed.

All participants will play a pre defined role and will be able to cast vote in dispute resolution events in exchange for GAM tokens.

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