GrabAMeal is the first decentralized meal-serving network built on blockchain that connects meal providers (Sellers) with guests (Buyers).

GrabAMeal enables a diverse ecosystem that allows heterogeneous stakeholders to transact on the platform and add value to their own business and to the network. The idea is to find the type of food one wants to eat from the options available within a specified radius of presence. The listed families, can receive the order and prepare the food for buyers on time.


GrabaMeal works on franchisee model. There will be two tiers of franchisee country level and city level.

· Country franchisee is for each country.

· City franchisee is for each city, there will be many cities within a country. Each city will have one city franchisee.

· GrabaMeal admin will coordinate with each country franchisee and with city franchisee where needed.


· Country franchisee and city franchisee will have to buy and hold specific no. of GAM tokens

· Value of GAM token to be bought and hold will be determined by a formula comprising of population, GDP of the country, per capita GDP of the country and GAM factor

Valuation of token holding. No. of token = (population of country or city / per capita GDP of country)* GAM factor


· Country franchisee will earn 1.5% commission of business in the country

· City franchisee will earn 3.5% commission of business from the city

As business grows earning of franchisees will also grow

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