GrabAmeal is the first blockchain integrated meal sharing global platform where cooks and cooking experts can offer their homemade meals to food buyers and food enthusiasts willing to buy healthy, freshly prepared homemade foods.

This is a unique meal sharing platform where buyers can enjoy trust, transparency, and convenience along with good quality foods.

How GrabAmeal works

No matter wherever you are, you can try the GrabAmeal platform both for buying fresh food as well as for setting your home restaurants like AirBNB accommodation sharing. As a food seller you can start your home restaurant wherever you are. As a buyer you can order your meal after checking the list of the GrabAmeal restaurants enlisted on the virtual meal sharing market.

How buyers are facilitated?

The platform GrabAmeal offers facilities to be unique in their ways: the buyer can select cooks from a list of food sellers available from the preferred area. They can select meal type, dining venue, and after having his meal can rate and review the seller and his food quality, which will be saved in blockchain and cannot be tampered further.

How food sellers are facilitated?

Alternatively, hosts can decide on the menu, the time of the day the meals would be available, and the price of the meals. If food buyers are interested in a specific type of meal, they can choose to book it and pay via the website. All transactions will be done on GrabAMeal via using GAM crypto token.

Both the buyer and seller have to maintain their GAM wallet along with certain GAM balance to do transaction on this platform.

If there is any dispute on the GrabAmeal marketplace, there are auditors who can solve the dispute where other users of GrabAmeal can help them in solving the dispute by casting their vote.

GrabAmeal: potential

In GrabAMeal, the scope for business growth in the meal sharing market is enormous. After all, we all need to eat more than a few times a day, many people eat out frequently and the community of healthy homemade food freaks is increasing. If the potential can be utilized and the blockchain technology is leveraged effectively, GrabAmeal food economy in the food industry could be disrupted as people may turn to shared meals more frequently rather than preferring take-out and restaurants.

While anybody can be the buyer on the GrabAmeal platform, cooks have to enlist their name and details.

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