Over the past 10 days one of the biggest stories worldwide has been Pokemon and the Pokemon Go app, and last Saturday it was officially released in Ireland. Opinions have been divided on Pokemon Go as shown in the two photos below. pokemon us signThis anti Pokemon picture was taken in North America and is doing the rounds on Twitter.pokemon irish signThis pro Pokemon picture was taken yesterday in Dublin by one of my Irish Tech News colleagues, Mark Dalton.

Pokemon Go uses augmented reality and when you are playing the game it starts of with a view like the one seen below.
Pokemon on mapWhen a Pokemon is seen near by, you will notice it surrounded by two circles. You then click on the Pokemon and your camera turns on giving you the view seen below.
Pokemon DrowzeeThis was taken on South Great Georges Street, after I was told there was a Pokemon nearby and I was trying to catch it.

Once you have caught the Pokemon you will be given info on what you have caught as shown below.
Pokemon Drowzee2

From the photos above it looks like playing Pokemon Go will be fun, but there is ten important things also known as Pokemon etiquette that you have to be aware of and they are listed below:

1) Beware of your surroundings at all times, you don’t want to walk out in front of a bus or over a cliff. I know that’s fairly obvious but why do you think wrestling shows on TV have disclaimers?
Pokemon Dame StA Pokemon I had caught escaped, and made a break for it along Dame St. How many people will forget where they are and chase after it?

2) If you are playing it whilst you are in a crowded area, don’t make a nuisance of yourself or cause any pedestrian jams. The last thing you want is disgruntled pedestrians and your phone getting broken or damaged.

3) One of the main problems with smartphones is battery usage and using Pokemon Go will decrease it further. CNET did some tests and found that on average whilst using an iPhone 6S for thirty minutes on Pokemon Go, 15% of your battery is used but this can vary with the phone you are using and what others apps are running in the background.

4) Never ever use Pokemon Go when you are driving as you will cause an accident. I used it earlier today when I was a passenger in a car and it showed me walking faster and since it can’t detect when you are in a moving vehicle, you can expect to hear about accidents caused by the driver Pokemon driving.

5) If you are out and about in certain areas you are might get your smartphone stolen so be fully aware of the area that you are using the app in. People abroad have already been attacked and mugged because they got so immersed with the game that they never noticed where they where.

6) Playing Pokemon Go  can be addictive and if it takes over your life, it will affect your personal life and also your work life too. Dedicate a certain amount of time each week to Pokemon Go and make sure it does not eat into your personal life and your work life.

7) As the weather is great at the moment, you might decide it’s a nice time for a Pokemon hunt but you can easily get dehydrated if you don’t drink plenty of fluids.

8) Beware of downloading the wrong version of the game. If you have an Android phone, make sure that you only download the version available on the official Google Play store. There are malicious versions of the game available on other Android app stores that contain DroidJack,  a Remote Access Tool (RAT) which has the ability t0 hack any Android device by opening a silent backdoor for hackers.

9) When looking for Pokemon please use common sense!. Don’t go into a hospital or a church looking for Pokemon.

10) Pokemon are all around us, just be patient and you will find them. If you are are very intent on finding some Pokemon, you are more prone to have an accident. It may take you a few hours to find one and if that’s the case so be it.

Pokemon Go may become a passing fad, but it has already helped Nintendo to double in value. Nintendo intend to release more smartphone games in the future and I am looking forward to this especially since they own some of the most iconic video games such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong.

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