A new Gorey based company, Voinext.com has announced that it will create 10 jobs over the next 18 months. Voinext has also launched its first Ireland and UK service which will allow potential and existing customers click on a website and call that company free from anywhere in the world.

There are no software, hardware or installation costs and the company only pays for customer calls received (between 1 to 5 cents per minute). Voinext.com is one of the first firms to set up in the M11 Business Campus, Gorey’s new 36,000 sq ft technology centre.

Jim Tracey, CEO and co-founder of Voinext.com comments, “Search has transformed sales and marketing. Most people looking for a product or service will do an internet search on a smart phone, laptop, tablet or PC but today’s online consumers are increasingly impatient. Those companies that can offer an instant free call at a time when the prospect is most interested will maximise conversion of web visitors and searches into sales.”

Tracey says that the internet based technology and business model is the first online free to use, call-free service in the world. After an initial fund raising round of €250,000, a three year R&D programme commenced in 2014.

The calls can be routed to landlines, mobiles or for bigger organisations into a call or support centre. The “Voinext Free Call” service can be added to email marketing campaigns and online advertisements to maximise effectiveness.

Jim Tracey added, “We believe that the pricing model makes this a no brainer. The business only pays for the service when it is used. In other words, if our service doesn’t deliver the customer, there is no cost to the business – not even implementation costs. Do the maths – 100 potential customer calls within Ireland or from anywhere in the world would cost up to €5 in total. At this cost, the return on investment is potentially staggering.”

He added, “Existing services, like type-chat or ticketing call backs, are clunky, slow, and expensive as they rely mostly on the customer’s telco or software provider. Our model with no contract or monthly fees, minimal cost and ease of use is attractive for even the smallest SME, sole trader or professional services organisation as well as enterprise.”

“Voinext Free Call” is now available to use or trial on business websites. There are no set up costs or contract fees and the service may be downloaded from www.VoinextFreeCall.com. Following the Irish and UK launch, the company intends to roll the service out to the USA and Europe.

Jim Tracey said, “We are excited about the potential revenue boost of this for both Irish domestic firms and exporters. We believe that it could give Irish exporters a global competitive advantage.”

OSSM CLOUD, a leading software solutions provider, has installed the service on its new corporate website.

“We love this cost-effective service and so do our clients,” said Ray Ryan, CEO, OSSM CLOUD. “Whether it’s for sales or product support, it proves that we are a truly ‘customer centric’ company.”

“Voinext Free Call” is the first in a suite of products that the company plans to introduce using its in-house developed Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) based on WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) technology.

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