Google has unveiled its “Meet Vermeer” project which brings together for the first time in one place all of the famous artist’s existing works.

The project is the result of a collaboration of art galleries from around the world, including the National Gallery of Ireland, which has in its collection Woman Writing a Letter, with her Maid.

The project in its entirety unites 36 paintings from 18 museums across 7 different countries in an unprecedented homage to the artist, including videos, mini documentaries, educational articles, interesting facts & figures, and even an augmented reality art gallery where all of the artworks can be explored in a virtual ‘Pocket Gallery’.

18 cultural institutions from seven countries worked together to launch ‘Meet Vermeer’, the largest online retrospective of Vermeer on the Google Arts & Culture app and platform. The participating cultural institutions are:
Netherlands: Mauritshuis, Rijksmuseum
United States: Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art Washington DC, The Frick Collection, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Leiden Collection
United Kingdom: The National Gallery London, Kenwood House / English Heritage, Scottish National Gallery, Royal Collection Buckingham Palace
Ireland: National Gallery of Ireland
France: Louvre
Germany: the Gemaldegalerie, Old Masters Picture Gallery, Dresden State Art Museums, Herzog Anton-Ulrich-Museum, Stadel Museum

The project allows users to dive into Vermeer’s world through expertly curated online exhibitions that tell the stories behind his masterpieces and about his life and legacy:
Vermeer’s art: Get up close and discover the stories behind each one of Vermeer’s 36 works thanks to ultra-high resolution imagery and immersive storytelling (‘in-painting-tours’); and see the “impossible” exhibition of all of Vermeer’s work in one virtual curated space in Augmented Reality. Finally, learn about his technique, and about the recurring themes in his art.
Vermeer’s life: discover who the mysterious, introspective artist behind the Girl with a Pearl Earring and the Milkmaid was, and how he was forgotten for centuries.
Vermeer’s legacy today: the Dutch artist is one of the most famous artists, and he has integrated our pop culture – what makes him relevant today? Why is the Girl with a Pearl Earring so special?

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