Google has announced that it has rolled out a new online Safety Centre, a comprehensive site dedicated to helping parents educate children about keeping safe online.

The Google Safety Centre features resources and information to help parents deal with important topics like data security, privacy controls, and online protections. The site will be available in more than 65 languages in the coming weeks.

These resources include:

· A number of easy-to-use Google privacy controls so parents can choose the settings that are right for their family. This includes the ability to undertake a Privacy Checkup

· Helpful security tips to keep parents and children safe whenever they’re online

· Other useful resources and tools to teach kids digital safety and citizenship and to help families better manage technology

The new Online Safety Centre follows on from the launch last year of Family Link, the Google App that helps parents set online guidelines for their children. Parents can use Family Link to set certain digital ground rules that work for their family, such as managing the apps their child can use, keeping an eye on screen time, or setting a bedtime and daily limit for their child’s device. Ireland was the first country outside the US to launch Family Link to help parents stay in the loop while their child explores and enjoys the benefits of the internet.

Ryan Meade, Public Policy & Government Relations Manager at Google Ireland said: “Not everyone uses the Internet in the same way, but it’s important for parents and children to understand how to explore the online world safely. We designed the Google Safety Centre and Family Link to help parents to make the right choices around online safety for them and their family.”

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