Google has announced that it will now accept PayPal as a payment method in the Play Store, in addition to the credit card and carrier billing options currently available. At least initially, PayPal can only be used for purchasing digital content so the two Nexus devices currently on sale in the Irish Play Store will be off limits for now.


The other countries that will also be able to use PayPal from today are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States and United Kingdom.

Unlike Apple with users of the iOS App Store, Google has struggled to get people to add credit card details to their Google account. While Apple often boasts of having 800 million accounts with a payment method already set up, only a fraction of that number have details stored with Google. Adding PayPal as a method of payment is no doubt aimed at changing that imbalance while making it easier for people to part with their cash.

The updated version of the Play Store App is already rolling out to some users so you can expect to see it hit your device in the coming days.

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