From November 21, Google is making changes to the Play Store for tablet users. A new “Designed for Tablet” section can be selected as the default view in the Play Store with results in the Top Lists comprising of tablet only results.

Android has long been criticized for the poor selection of tablet Apps available and while it has been improving, the Play Store didn’t make them any easier to find.

The changes are being fueled by the success of the Nexus 7 and the upcoming Christmas season according to Google.

Additionally Apps that do not meet Google’s requirements for being designated a tablet designed App will now be marked as “Designed for Phones”.

It is a long overdue move and will hopefully reward the Dev’s that have gone to the effort of designing a tablet based App by showcasing them upfront in the Play Store. Hopefully it will also help to remove the amount of “blown up” phone Apps that are currently being passed off as tablet Apps in the Store.



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