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Google’s social network service, Google+, has been far from the success that Google would have hoped for. There is a community loyal to the platform who insist they get better engagement as there are less trolls compared to other services. However, in my experience it has always been somewhat of a ghost town.

Bradley Horowitz is the lead on Google+ and he made an appearance at Google I/O last week to tell us that Google+ isn’t going anywhere however it will be going through some big changes. Horowitz is currently in charge of Streams, Photos and Sharing at Google. He has revealed that Google+ is being completely rethought and that it is going to change considerably in the upcoming months.

Horowitz said that:

“Google+ is where people want to connect around their interests and passions,”

Any upcoming changes have not yet been outlined however Horowitz pointed to the communities as one of the best features of the service. In fact, I think it is safe to say that the communities is pretty much what saved Google+ at the time and is the reason the service still continues today.

Google Photos is relaunching as a standalone service and was announced at this years I/O conference. It will offer free unlimited storage for photos and videos provided that the photos are no more than 16 megapixels and the videos are no more than 1080p.

Photography communities on Google+ have proven to be some of the most popular to date and it will be interesting to see how Google chooses to integrate that with the new Google Photos app and see if Google can finally kick some life into a stumbling social media platform.

Should they dump Google+ and move on or is there space for them to seriously compete in the social media market?


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