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Google Glass is not dead, far from it. In fact, if anything is to be taken from the Google Glass experience is that we have got a glimpse into what the future of technology holds in terms of VR and augmented reality. Glass was simply a really cool piece of tech that was well ahead of its time. It was not ready for the world and we were not ready for it either.

So what held it back? Well lets start with some of the practical explanations as to why it didn’t quite take off. For starters, it was only available to a small limited community of developers and then ‘Google Glass Explorers.’ Exclusivity is something that Google has done for a long time to generate hype and buzz, from Gmail to Google+, there has always been a certain level of exclusivity present. The problem here though was exclusivity for a completely new and unseen product anywhere in the world does not always cause hype, it can also cause apprehension.

Those Glass Explorers were then invited to go to Google’s office in San Francisco and pay $1,500 for Google Glass. For the average consumer it would want to be something really special to be worth $1,500 and while it was really cool, there was nothing that really broke the boundaries of what is going on in the tech scene at the moment.

Then we have the battery life, Google says that you can get a day of battery life out of Glass, however most people were running out of battery within 3-4 hours of use. Remember, there is an incredible amount of connectivity going on here between bluetooth and WiFi. Everything Glass does requires connectivity via your smartphone and the battery just could not handle it over a sustained period of time.

Glass also started to face bans in many public venues such as bars, casinos and restaurants as there was a big question over privacy. Glass users have the ability to seamlessly record anything in their view and this caused much concern for privacy issues.

The biggest stumbling block for many people though? It just made you look ridiculous. There could be a point in the future where all of us have a device like this that we wear in daily life, however until we get to the point where a large number of people have such a device, it just looks a bit stupid when you are one of the rare ones wearing one of these.

There is promise in the future for something along the lines of Glass, however right now it is just a product that is ahead of its time. No doubt there will be a company in the future that finds greater success, maybe it will be Google? But for now, it is a project which is being set aside for a later time.

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