This is one of those stories that never goes away. The Wall Street Journal continues the theme today of “sources close to the situation” being reliable with their story on Google being ready to dip their toes into the Cloud storage market. This has always been a case of “when” rather that “if”. Google drive has been rumoured for some time now (perhaps years). We saw Google prep and register a website then take it down again and we presumed they were setting one up when we saw Google offering paid storage of up 1TB for google docs and gmail and we saw them open google docs to all sorts of file support.
It’ll be interesting to see what Google have to offer. Currently I pay SugarSync about 40euro per annum for 30GB of data storage (which in fairness I think a good deal) while I pay Google 4euro for 20GB’s (Docs/email and Pics).

Most people have Gmail accounts these days. From that many people use Picasa to store their photos online. Google Docs has introduced even more ways that we use Google online and anyone who has an Android device realises how well Google’s services integrate with across that platform. In the US Google music is competing with iTunes Match for hosting all your music in the Cloud. Google already offers extra online storage for a pretty small price per annum but the one thing that is missing is a unified location to store all your content.

The infrastructure is already in place. Google will have to compete with popular, existing players such as Dropbox and SugarSync but el Goog  can offer a service that will be cheaper and more complete than the others. While some people fear the level at which Google is leaning into our lives, for a lot of people the ease of having everything in one place could make this a massive success for Google.



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