Even with Google Maps being dumped from the next version of iOS, Google is still sharing the love and bringing their Chrome browser and Google Drive application to iOS.

They both launched earlier in the App Store and are available for free.

Chrome looks very similar to Android version and includes some nice gestures for swiping between open tabs. From my brief use with it so far most of the features you have on the Android version are present and while it is somewhat crippled by Apple’s refusal to let third party apps use it’s Nitro Javascript engine, in general use it loads pages very quickly. Bookmark and Tab syncing between different devices is an excellent feature. You can go from an iPad to a Mac to an Android phone and all will be showing the same info instantly.

Features wise the same can’t be said for Google Drive. While a welcome addition, in it’s present form it is no more than a file viewing app. There is no way to upload files from you “i” device and editing of files will need to be done outside the App. There is also no way to create a document from within the App. The mobile version of the Docs site can be used to create documents and they will show up instantly in the App, but the site is devoid of any features making it pretty much useless. If you use Google Drive it will be a welcome addition but to bring it anywhere near on a par with the Android version there is a lot of work to do. Something tells me Google won’t be busting a gut to do that!

Interestingly Chrome has shot to the Number One free App on the iTunes App Store which gives a good indication of just how popular Chrome as a browser has become.

Keep an eye out for our full reviews in the coming days.



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