All the way back in October of last year, Google let us in on their secret that they intended to take the Chromecast global. Making its accompanying App available outside of the U.S. meant the hardware was sure to follow.
Back then we believed the international launch was imminent, but it has taken until today for that to become a reality.

Late yesterday, Google used their Chrome Blog to announce that the Chromecast would now be available in the following 11 additional countries: Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K.

In the lead up to this announcement, we had seen some leaked documents that showed the Dixon Group in the UK, which owns PC World and Currys, were about to start stocking the unit with a pricetag of £30. Right on cue, a listing did appear on the Currys UK website last night. This does represent a premium over the American pricing but it’s roughly in line with what we’ve come to expect.

While the device is still not officially available in Ireland, like the majority of other Google devices, the fact that it is readily available in the UK now makes it very easy to get one shipped here. The media mirroring and streaming device has proved to be immensely popular so far and for good reason. Google have nailed the ease of use element of the device and also produced a quality device that is far cheaper than most of its competitors. Unlike devices such as the HTC Media Link, which only works with a limited number of HTC devices, support for Chromecast is being built into Android from the ground up. The recent release of an SDK for the device also means developers can now easily bake support for the device straight into their Applications.



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