Where is crypto this week? Well Liina opened with the story about Coinbase announcing that it may – or indeed may not – decide to add five new coins. As the world’s largest crypto exchange and brokerage, when Coinbase coughs everyone else gets a cold. In this case the five coins named experienced double digit hikes in price.

The coins in question are Cardano’s ADA, Basic Attention Token (BAT, Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC) and 0X (ZRX).

Coinbase said that the reasons for making this announcement publicly at the same time as it made it privately was to avoid insider trading. As Liina pointed out, it was not inconceivable that Coinbase executives had already bought the coins in advance and had probably dumped them again by now. Not inconceivable at all.

The founder of Kraken, also making the same point, sarcastically said that his exchange was looking to list 1600 new coins.

Other good news is that me, Jillian, has just been appointed to the Board of the US Blockchain Association. This organisation is headquartered in California and is looking to extend out across the US and internationally.  There will be an amazing role and full of adventure and bees – we are also going to save the world’s bees.

To quote the press release going out on Monday 16 July:

“U.S.B.A. is also dedicated to the twin principles of promoting female leadership and opportunities in this sector, as well as reaching out to international Blockchain communities.”

Other female led stories include the first investment from the Andressen Horowitz Crypto Fund into Oasis Labs, a blockchain privacy cloud project led by Dawn Song, a professor in electrical engineering in Berkerley. The investment is $45million and the project will compete with Amazon Web Services.

In Germany, Solarisbank has announced that it will offer financial services to cryptocurrency companies. This is direct contract to many other banks and countries were fiat banks are withdrawing services to companies working in this sector.

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