When the iPhone launched their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus there was no doubt that they are stunning designs. However a problem was soon discovered by users who began reporting that their iPhones were starting to bend. Everything was then blown up x10 when Lew from Unbox Therapy (one of my favourite YouTubers) videoed himself bending the phone in front of a camera.

Of course this video was met by the conspiracy theorists claiming he had doctored the footage and that the video was fake. So Lew upped the game and did it live in front of witnesses in public.

Apple has yet to confirm anything about the upcoming iPhones however reports along with new leaked chassis of the phones to be released this year has already confirmed that you won’t be able to bend this one with your bare hands.

MacRumours obtained data that the elemental composition of the iPhone 6s includes 5% Zinc and traces of iron which are meant to increase the strength and durability of the metal used on the phone. The current iPhone 6 shell on the market does not contain these same components.

So of course Lew is back to follow up and he has managed to get his hands on the leaked chassis of what is rumoured to be used on the new devices later this year. He found that there is zinc and iron in the new shells and was able to conclude that the new case will take almost three times the force needed to bend last years phone, or around 80 pounds of pressure.

So no, you won’t be bending this one with your hands, and no, it won’t be bending in your pocket. Check out Lew’s latest bendgate video below. It is pretty scientific stuff however it is fascinating if you were voicing strong opinions during the height of bendgate then this is definitely one to watch.


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