GoneTrippin Inc, a spin-off of Accendo Software Corporation, has unveiled the GT (GoneTrippin Token), a utility token that powers the GoneTrippin Ecosystem. First conceived in 2008 as a simple road trip planning application, GoneTrippin is transforming how people think of travel and how they embark on trips. After years of research and development by a robust team, the GT and GoneTrippin Ecosystem have emerged to empower local business providers and allow travelers simplicity and piece of mind.

GoneTrippin is poised to merge the power of AI, blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency with the growing demand for a smart, economical system, tailor-made to bring travelers and local businesses together. This cutting-edge technology ensures travelers receive the product or service they paid for and businesses spend less to make it happen, while improving the security and speed of transactions. These advancements are desperately needed in the travel industry.

Developed for the GoneTrippin platform by an innovative team of highly talented engineers and advisors from a wide range of specialties, the GT can be exchanged for fiat (e.g., US Dollars) and helps businesses (such as local restaurant and hotel owners) execute sales faster, safer, and for only a fraction of the traditional credit card fees and bank charges. The detailed whitepaper, along with other project and ICO materials, can be viewed at https://gonetrippin.com/

Along with 36 developers, designers, analysts, and marketers, GoneTrippin boasts an impressive advisory board of seasoned experts to help guide the way and ensure the success of the project.

Attractive pre-sale opportunities are available only to accredited and institutional investors for this promising new utility token.

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