By Eimear Dodd Journalism MA student, @TheCity_Dublin editor, @Irish_TechNews

This Saturday April 22nd is Earth Day. And to mark the date, GoCar has said it will grow its fleet of shared cars to over 300. They will also launch the car-sharing service in locations in a new county over the summer. The company is asking the public to choose the county by voting on their website.

It is estimated that the planned expansion will remove up to 5,000 private cars from the streets of Ireland by the end of 2017.


GoCar already has vehicles parked across Dublin and Cork cities. By encouraging multiple people to share a single vehicle, car sharing reduces car dependency, congestion, noise and air pollution. It also frees up land traditionally used for parking spaces.

Each shared car has been proven to replace up to 15 private cars, as well as increasing the use of public transport. GoCar allows people to hire cars for as little as 30 minutes, using a booking system to reserve the vehicle and in-car technology to unlock the car and drive it. Fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance are all included.

Car sharing is an option for people who only need occasional access to a car but don’t want to own one, or people looking to sell their second car. It also allows those who cannot afford a car the opportunity to drive on a pay-per use basis.

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