On 3 May national and international experts on technology will attend the 2018 Cork Tech Summit hosted by [email protected] at Cork City Hall. The event will open at 7:00 a.m and run all day.

According to a press release Tech Summit will be the first conference of its kind to have a cyborg, cyberpsychologist and robot onstage. Other points of interest include how AI is “making the impossible possible”, embedding sensors in human bodies using biohacking and how 3D printed organs and digital health devices will change the way healthcare is delivered.

A large and varied list of speakers has been announced for the event including Dr. Patrick Kramer; Chief Cyborg Officer and Bio-Hacker at VivoKey, Berni Good; Cyberpsychologist, John Hurley; Chief Technology Officer, RyanAir, Professor Barry O’Sullivan; Founding Director, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, UCC and Don O’Leary; Head of EU Operations / Ireland Country Lead, Stripe.

Speaking at the launch, Gillian Bergin (Dell EMC), Co-Chair of Tech Summit and Director at [email protected], “The rate at which future tech is transforming our lives is extraordinary. We are fortunate to live in a world where amazing innovation and opportunity lie ahead. But with great change comes great responsibility. We must ensure these deep technologies are exploited to their full potential, while being mindful of their psychological impact on how we work and live. This year’s event promises to be truly revelatory in terms of emerging AI technologies, augmented human ability and digital health innovation. Be prepared to open your mind to endless possibility.”

Tech Summit this year – it’s seventh year running – has a focus on the future of technology and the trends and paths it will follow in the coming years. From AI to other emerging trends in tech as well as the future of psychology and human augmentation Tech Summit seeks to explore and expound upon these themes. The AI discussions will focus on how Artificial Intelligence as well as crypto currencies and their related technologies such as blockchain will help reduce costs for businesses. The personalised and future precision of healthcare will be explored by examining 3D printed organs and facial recognition therapies.

Tech Summit has been run for seven years by [email protected] [email protected] is a non-profit business organisation that represents the interests of the IT industry in Ireland. It currently represents over 300 member companies and is made up of investors, experts, entrepreneurs, academics and IT professionals from across the country and around the globe.

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