Since we launched the ICO Verification Program a few weeks ago, there has been a huge uptake by investors and ICO trying to prove their authenticity to potential investors. Already, there are many different clients requesting investigations daily, indicating that the program has been very successful in the cryptocurrency problem.

This is not surprising considering Global Spy seeks to solve the difficulty in ascertaining the authenticity of ICOs and cryptocurrencies in the industry. We bring our long standing experience and proven track record in conducting investigations in the real world to the cryptocurrency space. This will enable people to obtain accurate, authentic, and reliable information about ICOs they are interested in.

In the little time that we have had since we launched the ICO verification program, we have been able to get a lot of things done. ICOs that pass our verification test will be awarded a ‘verified’ badge that will be visible on their websites. People that see our badge on an ICO site can click on it and it will redirect them to the Global Spy database where they can view the authenticity certificate developed based on our investigations. This prevents firms from copying and posting the badge on their website with the aim of deceiving clients.

The Global Spy verification badge that will be visible on verified ICO websites

Growing popularity

The evidence for the need for Global Spy in the industry has been proven by the increase in popularity of our services. As mentioned, there are clients commissioning investigative reports on different cryptocurrency assets, coins and ICOs regularly. Despite the initial plans to wait till the ICO was done to roll out the project, we have already started working on investigative reports for some clients. Some of the work done includes:

We have already completed 2 ICO verifications and there are 9 investigations currently in progress. We are making sure that proper professional research is done to ensure that our clients get the best information. Currently, we are charging 0.75BTC but once the ICO is complete, payments will only be made using SPY tokens.
Several other clients have already contacted us to commission research on some existing and new cryptocurrencies in the market. Many of them only are waiting to sign the contract as they try to be the first to perform research on a specific cryptocurrency. Remember, they can resell the reports on our platform as many times as they want and we will share the proceeds 50-50.

Some large investment groups have already commissioned detailed reports on some specific cryptocurrencies already in the market. One of them has ordered an investigation of two of the biggest exchanges in the cryptocurrency space.
Apart from the increase in clients interested in our professional research services, media companies are now calling for more people to use our ICO verification services. An example is who wrote several articles urging their readers to use our services to avoid scammers. Additionally, there are two big TV programs that will feature our program to their viewers who are avid investors in the cryptocurrency industry. Some influencers in the cryptocurrency space have mentioned our program to their audiences with more television channels planning to feature Global Spy in their programs.

Employment opportunities

The demand for our services is so high that we are urgently hiring more staff from Korea, Europe and the US to help in conducting professional investigations around the world. The candidates we are looking for should have had experience with blockchain technology and company law. They should be able to use modern investigative methods to perform proper due-diligence as commissioned by the clients. If you are interested in joining the Global Spy investigative team visit the official website and submit your application through the official channels for consideration for the limited positions.

If you are interested in learning more about our ICO verification programs, how you can order research on a specific cryptocurrency startup or any queried on how to participate in the Global Spy token sale, you can reach us on our main website at or you can contact our customer representatives on the following social media platform.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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