We have just seen the worst trading day ever on a Christmas Eve in the US, with a large drop in the value of stocks and shares. At times like this it illustrates that the emergence of the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralised methods of storing value could be an effective bulwark against the vagaries of some of these traditional investments. There is a lot of hubris in the US as certain politicians attempt to claim credit for rises in markets, and then also then disassociate themselves from the same markets when prices fall. In this context it has proved to be a great opportunity for those such as CryptoProfile who are providing an information service to enable people to educate themselves more about what cryptocurrencies are all about, and how and where they can offer value when traditional markets become more turbulent.

CryptoProfile aim to provide many services in one place including trading in cryptocurrencies, and also learning about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). 

CryptoProfile aims to give information on the following key areas :

1. Information on existing alt coins and tokens

2. Live, real time updates on news and cryptocurrency prices

3. Charting and market analysis

4. Ongoing reviews of popular cryptocurrencies

CyptoProfile aims to become a blockchain-based website known all over the world for it’s specialisation in content, media, financial and investment information. With down to earth, easy to read updates on all topics related to cryptocurrency for those new to the industry and also interesting and provoking and informative stories for those who have been involved for much longer too. The team are passionate about the potential of blockchain to achieve transformative changes while also being clear about the challenges faced, and the need to exercise due diligence when making investment decisions.

CryptoProfile are running an ICO now

CryptoProfile has its own token “CryptoProfile” with the total coin supply capped at 753,471,015. The hardcap is $30,463,808 while its soft cap is $1,162,556. You can learn more about the ICO campaign and how to get involved in it here. CryptoProfile (CP) has initiated a transformative idea that will revolutionize cryptocurrency airdrops and prove highly beneficial for those holding CP tokens. Read about the whitepaper here, and there is also a bounty campaign which you can learn about here too.

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