By @SimonCocking. Getting Goosebumps by Bryan Adams CEO Founder of , and Dave Hazlehurst partner . Book available to buy from Amazon here.

There is a lot about this book that I liked, and worked well. Their aim to help you better tell your story online “in the internet age, giving your clients and customers that warm, fuzzy feeling that keeps them coming back time and time again”.

At the very beginning of the book, there is a quick Q and A with each author, one page on each. This works well, and helps to give you some context of who created the book, and where they were coming from. There are several good light-hearted questions which also show their lighter side. There is also a great endorsement from Kieran Flanagan VP of Marketing at Hubspot, who have done so much to inform and educate about the value of in-bound marketing.

Getting to the content of the book, it is readable and accessible. It is two hundred pages, but they use space, images, and colour well, so it is not a long read. One more quibble would be, that, as the blank space is used well, it was a shame the text size was quite small, which did hinder it’s readability a little. Chapter by chapter there are lots of good, actionable take-aways for you to do / check that you are doing / make you that you understand why you need to be doing them.

There are some great case studies which really aim to break down the value of smart, intelligent story telling to help enable your company to distinguish itself from the noise out there of so many other companies trying to be heard too. It’s a useful an engaging book which you may find yourself dipping into, as and when you want a little more detail on possible activities to follow up on.

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