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The #GaryVeeDublin evening was a rollercoaster ride of inspiration, advice, experience and story telling all delivered like a quick fire round of a gun magazine in the Gary Vaynerchuk style. If you weren’t paying attention you got left behind !

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Respect the market – “The market is the market is the market!”
Gary Vaynerchuk, Dublin 2016

Everything starts with attention. Be able to tell your customers what you do. Present well, be it video or in person. Understand where attention is now and where attention is going.

The smart phone is the single biggest shift and most important product in our lives!
The smart phone has become part of us, this is the start of us becoming robots!

“Social Media” is a word that represents the current stage of the Internet. Currently 50% of time spent on smart phones is spent on Social Media, never under estimate this real estate.

Where is every one hanging out?

Snapchat is now where Facebook was in 2005 – 2009. We are living through the single biggest culture shift in the way that we communicate since the telephone! Don’t get left behind!

If you want to compete you need to figure out Snapchat, know how to add value to your customers on this platform, share your story.

You can’t fight the market, kids are on smart phones, it’s evolution, they are dragging their parents with them – do not underestimate this shift in attention.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

If you are starting out and are a solo entrepreneur or have less then 3 people, you need to provide more value to your customers than you get yourselves. This is the moment where you build the foundation, this is your core competitive advantage right now.

Looking ahead
The next 10 years are going to see some massive companies built. The next Uber or Airbnb. By 2026 we will look back and think the rate of change from 2006 – 2016 was a crawl!

What I found most useful?

Gary’s motivation is infectious, he helps take the fear out of setting up your own business, going it alone, taking a chance, know yourself, build something for yourself. Just do it, don’t try to be perfect, done is better then perfect, pivot along the way but get out there and start doing!

Tip – Every morning when you go to the bathroom, check the app store to see what is in the top 10 if you want to keep up with the latest trends.

How the other speakers contributed to the evening

The great line-up of speakers had a good mix of background and experience yet all tied in nicely with the theme of the day –

“How to generate real business results using Social Media”

Samantha Kelly – The “Tweetinggodess” spoke from the heart, she shared her story about how far she has come in 4 years from being a single parent with 2 daughters on social welfare, to hanging out in the Mansion House’s Green Room with Gary Vaynerchuk!

She found her niche through the power of twitter and her talents for reaching out and helping people, talking with them, networking, engaging, building relationships in person as well as virtually.

Her mantra every day is to do a good deed, make one useful introduction, offer to help others and share her knowledge, good advice to everyone in the room.

Niall Harbison founder of Lovin Dublin

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Winston Churchill

Niall has tried out new ventures multiple times, in the last few years he has had 25 disasters, 1 or 2 successes, the point is don’t be scared of failure.

Doing that first thing, putting yourself out there, taking that first step is hard, but get out there and take that step. Running a business is a nightmare but an exhilarating nightmare, keep picking yourself back up and don’t fear failure. Get off your arse and get yourself out there, produce videos and post photos to create brand awareness.

Ensure to aim your content at smart phones, not just desktop PC’s 81.5% of Lovin Dublin’s traffic is on smart phones.

Twitter is not dead, but it is a small corner of the website, Snapchat engagement is off the chart compared to Twitter, off the cuff video is where the engagement is at.

Everybody needs to become a publisher, you have the equivalent of RTE 10 years ago in your pocket  – use it !

Anthony Quigley

Founder of Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) / Code Institute / 3xe Conference

Anthony started out in 2008, he saw a gap in the market for digital marketing training, DMI then moved their courses online to a global market place, successfully franchised their expertise globally.

DMI have partners all over the world who trust them, using social media to tell their story over and over again. The DMI aim to be the market leader in their area.

Pat Divilly is a fitness guru and a principles rather then strategy kinda guy. Pat told the story of how at age 24 he found he couldn’t afford the bus fare home from Dublin to Galway at Christmas. He had to admit to his dad things were not working out in Dublin where he had ended up working in a cloths shop, trying to make ends meet while trying to get exposure as a fitness trainer by training models for free.

Pats business grew and grew, Pat built a large online following on Facebook so much so Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg acknowledged him for his Social Media presence.

Pat’s advice, is that when you get your mindset right, everything changes, be a leader, stop waiting for permission, no one will tell you are good enough, smart enough. Believe in yourself and the people around you and it grows!

What it has inspired me to do next

Gary Vaynerchuk has inspired me to believe in myself as an entrepreneur. There are plenty of people out there who are better them me, but can they hustle. I’ve learned the value of being able to hustle. Many business fail, but try everything and give it your best shot!

Final comments 

Spend more time doing whatever it takes, be willing to do more then your competitors every single day – put your heart, soul and sweat into it!

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