Fusion HR  today announced the launch of StepJockey’s unique smart signs and stair gamification platform into multi-storey buildings in Ireland.

Fusion HR is partnering with StepJockey, a UK-based company, to create healthy and active spaces to help employees of corporate organisations and companies keep fit while at work.

StepJockey is helping businesses around the world to transform the workplace health of its employees by encouraging stair use rather than using the lift. To do this StepJockey introduces smart signs to label stairs for calorie burn and gamifys stair use through their intelligent challenge platform.

The StepJockey technology has already undergone large-scale trials in UK businesses. These studies, which recorded more than 250,000 stair/lift journeys, found that the introduction of StepJockey signs led to significant increase in stair usage in all buildings, with the highest uplift being 29%. The addition of gamification increased stair use 5-fold, over a baseline level, which increased to 8-fold when incentives or prizes were introduced.

Fusion HR is a corporate services provider which works with organisations to develop a wellness strategy that fits their culture and goals. The company is headquartered at NexusUCD, the Industry Partnership Centre at University College Dublin.

NexusUCD, a 4-storey overbasement building covering 5,500 m2, with two main stairwells, each of which has 21 steps per floor, is the first building in Ireland to be rated with StepJockey’s smart sign technology and gamification.

The total calorie burn for an individual walking up each flight of stairs at NexusUCD is calculated to be 3.13 calories per floor, or 12.5 calories for a climb up the 4-floors in the building.

The total calorie burn for using the entire stairs in NexusUCD on a single round trip is calculated to be 16.7 calories. A person burns three times more calories going up a stairs compared to coming down a stairs.

Speaking at the launch of the StepJockey service in Ireland, Conor Hoey, Chief Sales Officer, Fusion HR, said, “The stairwells of multi-storey office blocks are an underused resource in facilities and through the introduction of StepJockey in Ireland we are enabling, in a cost effective manner, staff and customers to incorporate exercise and fun into their work day.”

He added, “This development is in keeping with the Irish Government’s “A Healthy Weight for Ireland – Obesity Policy and Action Plan 2016-2025” and the Healthy Ireland framework which wants communities, such as the workplace, to develop initiatives that will improve our nation’s health.”

He concluded, “Following the introduction of StepJockey in NexusUCD we will now start to roll-out the service across Ireland and start to improve the health and wellbeing of the Irish workforce, one step at a time.”

Helen Nuki, co-founder of StepJockey said, “StepJockey has the power to truly transform employee health across the whole organisation. It is designed to appeal – not to athletes – but to the quiet majority; those who shy away from the gym and sports-based activities. Through the clever use of our smart stair prompts and digital gamification platform we can nudge staff into long-lasting, healthy new habits in the workplace. We are delighted to partner with Fusion HR, who are so committed to improving workplace health, to extend our reach into Ireland.”

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