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Social Media Plan 2017

The Social Media Summit 2017 releases the line-up for this year’s event, which takes place April 11-12 in Dublin’s Croke Park. With renowned speakers from the companies leading the way in social and digital media, attendees have the opportunity to discover the next big social trends and how to use them effectively, from the people who know how.  Find the full 2 day agenda below.

Get ready to hear from Twitter, Hubspot, Airbnb and Paddy Power to name just a few of the exceptional companies gracing the stage at this year’s event. The Summit will focus on the importance of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy and demonstrating how it can add real value, both in terms of revenue and business growth.

The impressive lineup includes; ‘Winning Facebook Strategies: 5 Powerful Ways to Leverage Your Results & ROI’ from Mari Smith, The Queen of Facebook, ‘Twitter & the Power of #NOW’ from Greg Owens of Twitter, ‘The Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing’ from Lisa Toner of Hubspot, and ‘Marketing & Mischief’ from Michael Nagle of Paddy Power.

The success of the Social Media Summit is that it puts you in the room with the people who really know how to use social media effectively. It’s an approachable setting where you will gain real, usable knowledge and skills that you can take away and apply immediately – a roadmap to getting a measurable return on your efforts. It’s about actual success stories and the people behind those successes, but more than that it’s about you learning how to walk that walk yourself.

SMS Samantha Kelly Founder Social Media Summit

Speaking of this year’s event, founder Samantha Kelly, said; “‘Social media is longer an ‘add on’ to your marketing; it’s essential. Learn how to get ahead of your competitors, be social and measure your impact. This year’s event is focusing on the multitude of social platforms out there, breaking them down and teaching how to use them effectively for your business. I’m so excited to see these influential speakers present, advise and engage with the attendees, really giving them the best deep dive into the intricacies of social media marketing in a captivating and sociable environment. Bring on Social Media Summit 2017!”  

Social Media Summit Ireland 2017 will take place April 11-12 in Croke Park, Dublin.

Tickets are currently on sale and available at

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