Refused a loan by banks to fund free webinars for entrepreneurs and SMEs, Tweeting Goddess Samantha Kelly has launched a crowdfunding appeal on Indiegogo.

She aims to raise €7,000 on the site, which promotes entrepreneurship, to pay for webinar software, an Apple Mac, and some technical and creative support for a series of business advice presentations for fledgling entrepreneurs and small companies.

Social media strategist Samantha Kelly, aka @Tweetinggoddess, was a lone parent on social welfare five years ago.

She now operates an award-winning business centred on training and social media management and was a founder of Ireland’s inaugural Social Media Summit for digital marketing professionals in 2016.

“The social media community is, by its nature, social, and success comes through networks and groups communicating and helping each other. My idea for a platform to support small businesses and start-ups is ultimately good for everyone”, she says.

With four days to go, €4,209 of the €7,000 webinar target has been raised so far, thanks to 106 individual backers.

Those donating can also claim ‘perks’ in relation to the value of their contribution, which include social media consultations with the Tweeting Goddess, twitter workshops, and places at business networking events including the Women’s Inspire Network.

Samantha Kelly has been named one of the top digital influencers in Ireland and one of the top 21 Twitter marketers to follow by Social Quant.

Social media can be a hugely valuable resource for small business owners, but its potential is not being properly harnessed, she says.

“Many are intimidated by or unsure of social media, or they can’t afford the proper training or the time for a workshop. A lot of social media currently is just advertising, which undermines its potential for sharing and creating a loyal community”, Samantha Kelly says.

The professional webinars Kelly is organising will also have guest presenters on business topics from financing and legal considerations, to sales and market development.

Samantha is also a founding member and organiser of the women’s business group, The Women’s Inspire Network (WIN). It was formed in 2014 to connect female led small businesses and enterprise, providing an online support network and newsletter.

The WIN now has over 6,000 active members and hosts a national conference, regional workshops, E-books and webinars, as well as Kelly’s radio programme, The Women’s Inspire Show on, and the Twitter chat forum, #womensinspire.

“My dream is to help lots of other people just like me. People power is the mantra of modern Ireland, and what we’re now coming to realise is that by sharing and supporting those who want to improve their situation, we’re empowering ourselves similarly. We’re enhancing our own network and support system”, the social media expert says.

“If I am successful with the campaign, I hope to reach a global audience and expand my own network too, while helping other entrepreneurs who regularly work long hours from home to improve their lives and build their empires” is how the Tweeting Goddess positions this new campaign.

Those interested in supporting the free webinars campaign can get involved here.

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