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This week with Georgina Kearney from MintTek @MintTekCircuits


Describe the company. How are you different?

Every electronic device starts it’s professional life as a hardware prototype. But not every prototype is built in a lab or an R&D department, many are built on kitchen tables and even the original Apple Mac Prototype was, legend has it, built in a garage in Palo Alto.

The “Internet of Things” #IoT is feeding the Maker Revolution and it is coming soon to a device near you.  Sam Altman of Y Combinator calls it the ‘softwarisation of things’ where everything will be electronic and connected to the cloud.

By creating an online platform to source the components Mint Tek Circuits makes it easier, faster & cheaper for hardware developers to make that prototype using qualified and reliable global suppliers.  Bringing big company development advantages to the startup and research community, ideas can get made faster, then succeed or be quickly terminated.  It’s survival of the hippest!

Check out our website at

Why will the company product do well?

Interest in creating new hardware is  increasing every day with the explosion of the IoT. More and more, cool new inventions are coming out of universities, startups and maker sheds.

This group of people don’t have procurement departments and don’t want to spend their time trying to select manufacturers. We make the process easy for them by working with suppliers we have vetted – they can access the cheapest prices worldwide but do it in their own language, time zone and with no FX costs.

Where are you based? How is the broadband? How long will you stay there?

We’re based in Ennis. The broadband here is very good. Ennis became the one and only “Information Age” towns in 1997 – every home was given a computer and every school, a computer lab, so Ennis has been ahead of the posse for a while in technological terms.

We will most likely relocate soon to either Galway or Limerick, which are both becoming startup hubs.


When was the company launched?

We began last summer. We have spent a lot of time meeting customers to understand their needs. We went live with our MVP website in mid-May and will be launching a more fully-fledged product in August.

What are your biggest wins to date?

We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from customers, with sales and repeat sales under our belts.  Becoming Enterprise Ireland clients has really helped in terms of funding and support. We are also on the DCU Ryan Academy Female High Fliers programme, which is really helping us refine our business proposition and become investor-ready.

Tell us about your team.

Siobhán loves all things tech and has a long history in electronics. She enjoys getting out and talking to customers. She was at the PCH DCU hackathon recently and at the Maker Faire UK in April.

Georgina has a finance background but since she gave up her “normal job” a few years ago and went off to find herself on the Camino de Santiago she’s been much more chilled out. You’ll find her at the upcoming Inspirefest.

Jennifer is the latest addition to the team and looks after our social media. She’s just finished doing computer science in Galway and is loving her first job! Tweet her at @MintTekCircuits

What are your long-term plans?

We ultimately see ourselves providing a platform for the design and purchase of all aspects of hardware prototype development.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

We love what are doing. Their connected weighing scales is really handy – all you need in your ingredients, the scales and your iPad. We used it to make brownies the other day and they were well good!

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

It would be very cool to have a 3D printer to play around with. Jennifer on our team is a big fan of Blender so we’’d love to see some of her designs printed out.

E:    [email protected] P:    +353 (0)86 812 7708

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