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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Drip.Fish is an online tool to instantly build, fill and amplify content hubs. With a content hub, you can aggregate and blend social and branded content into a single hub and see an average of up to 400% increase in inbound traffic.

75% of buyers search for content to help them make their buying decisions. With that comes the need for brands to publish fresh and relevant content on a regular basis to engage customers.

One option for marketers is to add content to the company website using traditional content management systems. This requires technical skills which most marketers do not have access to, resulting in static websites. The second option is to use social media platforms to publish content, where it lives for seconds among competitor ads.

This is where a Drip.Fish Content Hub plays a central role. It makes it dead easy to build, fill and amplify a content hub and see up to 400% increase in inbound traffic.

With Drip.Fish you can aggregate and blend social and branded content into a single hub you control.

How are you different?

Content hubs created by brands today are built and updated by web developers using traditional content management tools. Drip.Fish cuts out the need for web developers to update content. With Drip.Fish, marketers can create, manage and fill content hubs themselves.  This allows marketers to publish content much faster and increase inbound traffic by up to 400%.

Why will the company / product do well?

Our goal with Drip.Fish is to breed marketing success through content hubs. They are the next big thing in content marketing because they deliver up to 400% increase in inbound traffic.

Where are you based, how is the broadband? How long will you stay there?

The Drip.Fish office building is a 200 year old converted barn, located on the southern tip of Wexford. Spread across 3 floors with thick walls, the broadband service is actually better than many places in Dublin. We would always like to have faster connections of course but that will come with time.

Currently we have no plans to leave the sunny southeast. It affords us all a healthy, balanced life and it’s much easier to find the right people. We don’t have to compete with companies like Google and Paypal for resources, unlike companies in Dublin.

When was the company launched?

We launched Drip.Fish at the web summit in 2014. Since then we have seen some astonishing response to our product and are on track to be the market leader for Content Hub Management Systems in Ireland. We clearly hit a note with Irish marketers and small businesses, solving real problems companies struggle with.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

In the past month, we have added over 40 content hubs to the Drip.Fish portfolio. Registered users now include AIB, The IDA, Reep Rewards, AR Marketing and the ESRI.

We also received a great endorsement from Scott Brinker the man behind the marketing technology landscape ( Although Scott has reviewed many content marketing products, he has never seen the power demonstrated in Drip.Fish.

What type of market segment are you trying to attract to your product?

Owner managers, department heads and marketers are setting up content hubs to amplify marketing campaigns, generate inbound traffic from an event, to replace a blog, FAQ or news section on a website or to establish thought leadership around a specific topic.

Tell us about your team? 

Drip.Fish was co-founded by Nuala Moran and Paul Zelderloo. As CEO, Nuala is a content hub specialist, content marketing strategist and author with over 25 years’ experience in marketing innovation and process automation with companies such as Siemens Nixdorf, Dell and S1 Corporation. Prior to Drip.Fish, Nuala was Operations Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa and Global Program Manager with Dell.

In 2013, a sudden need for major surgery collided with a reality check and after 25 years, Nuala left the corporate world. During recovery, she wrote her first book and looked for an easy way to create and maintain a content hub without the need for a web developer.  Drip.Fish was born.

Paul Zelderloo is responsible for product design at Drip.Fish. Having started his career as product evangelist with Microsoft, Paul has over 25 years’ experience in designing and implementing marketing automation. As a marketing technologist, Paul has worked in senior technical roles with companies such as Dell, Eircom, AIG, Modus Link and Microsoft. Paul is also an Amazon best-selling author and the editor of a successful content hub about Content Marketing.

What are you long term plans for your product / company?

Our goal is to be known as the Content Hub people. Our vision is to make Drip.Fish the main content management system powering content hubs worldwide.

Our current focus is on helping Irish marketers and SMEs to drive traffic and convert customers using Drip.Fish content hubs.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

My Microsoft Surface is my favourite gadget. I take it with me everywhere. The concept of content hubs is still quite new to people so I constantly use my Surface tablet to get people excited about the power of Drip.Fish.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you? 

I am looking forward using the Microsoft HoloLens. I can see a real opportunity to generate some amazing 3d content.

Contact Details

For anyone looking to discuss how a Drip.Fish content hub can help their company, contact Nuala by email [email protected], through LinkedIn or follow  on Twitter


If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with me on [email protected] or @SimonCocking


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