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Why sell tacos in Africa? By Paul Oberschneider. Reviewed

Why do some people end up as multi-million pound business leaders, while others get the fuzzy end of the lollipop? Can you ensure success for yourself, or are you hampered from the start? The good news is…I’ve found there are certain habits common to many millionaire business-people, and I’m happy to share them with you. Follow these four tips to change your success rating for the better: 


Self-made millionaires don’t waste too much time listening to other people’s opinions. They don’t dither and change their minds five times a day. Of course they take in information before they make decisions, but they trust their intuition. And once committed to a path, they stick to it and believe in themselves.

In 1992, when I landed in a strange country with no more than $400 in my jeans pocket, I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve. But I got stuck in to the first opportunity that came along, and believed in myself. That opportunity led to another, and then another, before eighteen years later I had created businesses worth over $200 million.

So get advice if you need to, but rely on yourself first and foremost. Stick with your own decisions; this will free you to move forward.

How to create a vision that will inspire people, Paul Oberschneider


You can’t know it all or do it all yourself. Not knowing forces you to ask questions. You don’t need to have the answers to get started, just the questions. Then find people who know the answers, and reach out to them.

Millionaires are people who reach out when they need to. Don’t worry about looking stupid – if someone else can help you, then ask for help. If you learn to ask people to help you, it will allow you the freedom to grow your own vision and do many more things that you’re good at – like creating new businesses.


Opportunities come from circumstances. You can try to force your business to be a success, but only the right circumstances will make it an easy ride. If your circumstances are not providing any opportunities, you may need to change it up.

You can’t know when success is going to come, but you need the mindset to be ready to spot and capitalise on the golden opportunities. You may not have a clear vision of what you want to achieve or how to make it happen. But you won’t achieve anything at all without showing up every day and trying – putting yourself in a position where success can find you.

A success story isn’t a straight line from A to Z. Start with showing up, day after day, problem after problem.


Millionaires are often impatient. They don’t tend to procrastinate, or hang about having just one more cup of tea before getting on with the day. Quite the opposite – they are more likely to be getting up extra early in order to catch the worm…

Now is the best time to start. Not tomorrow or next week. Don’t procrastinate. You can always find any number of excuses to never get started. Just get on and try things to see what works. If it doesn’t work, try something new. Perfection is the enemy of progress, so when you’re wrong, make adjustments until you get the model right. Every journey starts with a single step – get in the habit of taking it immediately.

Paul Oberschneider is The BIG CHANGE Entrepreneur. He is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and the best-selling author of new book, Why Sell Tacos in Africa?, published by Harriman House. For more information or to download four free chapters go to

How to successfully execute your plan, by Paul Oberschneider entrepreneur, equity investor

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