By Donal Scannell Podcast person. Presenter/producer of plus CEO – end to end podcast solutions. All you need is desire to have your own

There’s something very powerful and invigorating about doing your own thing. Once you get a taste of it there’s no going back.

We want people who have that desire and if we get enough great people we’ll be able to start Founder Institute in Dublin and form some amazing founders.

Adeo Ressi scales founders. His Founder Institute has a model that is repeated successfully globally.

I’m learning so much from him, as myself and Neal O’Gorman from Artomatix work to bring Founder Institute to Ireland. I entered the Irish tech community as an outsider just a few years ago – aged 40! I was welcomed with open arms by an ecosystem obsessed with replicating itself.

Every incubator, every investor, every cohort member all singing off the same hymn sheet – the one page lean canvas made popular by Eric Ries. The Founder Institute provides what you need to make that one page lean canvas fly. Which probably explains why Eric Ries himself has mentored in the Silicon Valley Chapter.

Year after year the Irish tech scene gets better and better but there are gaps. In my work with Dublin BIC’s FutureScope conference I’ve seen the great work being done building bridges between the tech multi-nationals and local startups.

What I’d like to see more of is people who come to Ireland to work for multinationals staying here in Ireland and forming their own companies. We are seeing some of it but I’d like to see more. That’s why we one particular demographic we’re targeting are people who work in tech firms who’d like to start their own firms.

The Founder Institute semester which Adeo has devised is a super intense four month period where you can enter with no idea, an early stage idea or an idea that needs work and have it market ready. This is done by driving participants to perform at their best with support from a team of super experienced serial entrepreneurs.

We’ve already lined up Currency Fair’s Brett Meyers, Steve Collins from Havok and Swrve, Ronan Perceval of Demonware and Phorest, Nikki Lannen from WarDucks and Charles Dowd of Plynk. Dan Crowley who just raised €40m for Genomics Medicine Ireland is a mentor plus Patricia Scanlon from Soapbox Labs, Cathal McGloin founder of FeedHenry , stealth founder Martin Codyre and Richard Barnwell Digit Games’ founder.

Founder Institute is no picnic, it’s not for the faint hearted. Those who get through it come out the other side ready for the slog that is starting your own company. No one said it was easy but ask anyone who’s done it would they have it any other way? If you think you have what it takes come to our first event our March 6th and get a flavour of how to go about making that move from employee to entrepreneur. We’ve already got two amazing speakers on the bill – the truly inspirational 11890 Founder Nicola Byrne and Opening founder Andreea Wade.

We’ve got Whelans for this great event on March 6th and we are ready to rock!

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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