Boxever, the leader in omnichannel personalization for airlines and travel retailers, today announced that Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, will now leverage Boxever’s best-in-breed technology for a holistic approach to its customer journey through machine learning and real-time data analytics.

“We couldn’t be happier to announce our budding relationship with Flybe,” said David O’Flanagan, Boxever’s CEO and co-founder. “The company has taken a decisive step toward building stronger customer relationships by joining forces with us here at Boxever to tackle big data challenges affecting its ability to reach consumers by breaking down traditional silos across channels. By investing in data science, Flybe is preparing a seat for its customers on a journey that delivers on its brand promise.”

Flybe, based in the United Kingdom, sought an enhanced technology solution to accomplish its twofold mission to better understand its customers and enable further personalization to deliver more relevant ancillary offers with greater efficiencies stemming from improved use of aggregate data. It needed a partner to provide them with a system that would generate long-term value by giving its marketers a stronger understanding of its customers and prospects on a personal level based on historical, behavioural and transactional data.

“In a fiercely competitive environment, it is increasingly difficult for retail businesses to drive new customer acquisition and retention or repeat purchases. From pre-booking to post-flight, Flybe customers expect a journey with us that is personalised and tailored to their unique needs and interests”, said Amy Valcik, Flybe Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “By implementing Boxever’s Customer Intelligence Cloud, we will improve our ability to act on the real-time data we receive from numerous sources, making our marketing efforts smarter and more efficient. The products we offer and the business decisions we make will be more data-driven than ever before, enabling further innovation and a more consistent, bespoke customer experience.”

Boxever, with its Single Customer View real-time customer data store and sophisticated algorithms, powers the artificial intelligence initiatives and predictive analytics objectives to enhance marketing capabilities in today’s omni-channel landscape.

The deal comes at a period of growth for Boxever. Other recent customer acquisitions in the commercial aviation sector have included, Viva Aerobus, announced in August.

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