Flagship NGI Forum event in Portugal in September will help design an ‘Internet of Human Values’

Technology leaders from across Europe have joined forces with academics, industry and the general public to build a safer, more secure, human-centric internet for the future and will plot, plan and safeguard for a totally different social media landscape over the coming decade.

The initiative, driven by the European Commission, is the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and they’re looking for even greater, wider input, via a multi-stakeholder consultation process.

The NGI Forum in Porto, Portugal, in mid-September is part of this wider consultation process and the SpeakNGI.eu project is taking an active role.

“It’s an opportunity for everyone to share knowledge  and raise concerns with leading experts from a variety of disciplines, including privacy and trust; decentralised data governance; discovery and identification; artificial intelligence and many more”, according to the coordinator of the Irish led SpeakNGI.eu project, James Clarke, of the Telecommunications, Software and Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Clarke continued: “Together with our partner, Trust-IT Services of the UK and Italy, Waterford Institute of Technology is organising a workshop at the Porto event on ‘Search and Discovery in the Next Generation Internet’, which is one of the main topics being funded by the Horizon 2020 NGI programme for the next four years.”

The NGI Forum event on September 13, 2018 will help design, build and refine a more human-centric ‘Internet of Human Values’ and will be an invaluable gathering of those involved in policy, research and innovation areas that are paving the way to design, build and refine the NGI, the organisers say.

Those interested in getting involved with building the NGI can participate via the NGI Consultation Platform https://consultation.ngi.eu/     and they can attend the NGI Forum by registering for free on https://ngiforum.eu/registration/.

NGI is part of a European Commission (EC) driven initiative to re-imagine and re-engineer the next version of the internet to be an “Internet of Human Values” that must be resilient, trustworthy and sustainable. This initiative was born within the H2020 programme entitled ICT-41-2017: Next Generation Internet (NGI).

As part of the SpeakNGI.eu consultation activities, SpeakNGI.eu, through its coordinator, the Telecommunications, Software and Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology, (WIT) is also collaborating with Missions Publiques (en.missionspubliques.org), a French consultancy specialising in citizen consultation in global policy issues.

“In 2019, Missions Publiques will consult with the public to get an insight into requirements for the internet of the future,” Mr Clarke explained. “In addition to our support, this citizen-based consultation has support from the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the Internet Governance Forum.

“Ireland will be one of the pilot sites for this important work and in October 2018, TSSG at WIT will organise a public consultation pilot with Irish citizens. We want input from the public.

“The information we glean will be fed into the global consultation being carried out in 2019 by Mission Publiques. We are already working with Mission Publiques in preparation for the Ireland pilot site with planning and training activities already underway.”

Director of Innovation at TSSG, Kevin Doolin, says the SpeakNGI.eu project is not just big news for TSSG but for Ireland itself. He said: “SpeakNGI.eu places TSSG at the forefront of European discussions and strategy for the future internet. This is a strategically critical initiative for TSSG and its partners and is the only Irish coordinated project of its type in this field. This project is seen by the European Commission as very much one of the necessary ‘Pathfinder’ projects for the building of the Next Generation Internet Flagship initiative.”

Those interested in getting involved in NGI can participate via the NGI Consultation Platform https://consultation.ngi.eu/    They can attend the NGI Forum https://ngiforum.eu/registration/ and become involved in the Irish public consultation event by contacting pmalone@tssg.org

You can also follow NGI on Twitter – @NGI4eu and add your organisation to the NGI online map – https://www.ngi.eu/ngi-map/ or apply for an NGI Award – https://awards.ngi.eu/#ngi-awards For more updates, register in the NGI Newsletter/News https://www.ngi.eu/subscribe

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