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WordPress is the world’s leading CMS, and Instagram is the world’s largest photo sharing app. It is only fair that website developers and social media marketers are trying to combine the power of the two to rule their respective target markets. There should be ready-to-use plug-ins that allow the website masters to pull their photos from their Instagram business profiles and for Instagram users to share photos from their business sites directly. The ideal plug-ins should also enable photo sharing options for the regular Insta-users and Insta-followers of brands. This will aid in publicity without costing an extra penny.

Why do you need to integrate your Instagram feed with your website?

Not all website designers and WordPress users are aware of the massive collection of query plug-ins that the WP directory hosts for free use. Many of these plug-ins have premium versions, but none of them will set you up for “blind dates.” All of them have free or trial versions that you can test before cracking open the premium versions for added features.

Instagram is almost completely dependent on its mobile users. Instagram has over 700 million active users, and the daily users post over 80,000 pictures. This provides digital marketers and entrepreneurs like you an infinite opportunity to sharpen your social media marketing efforts.

These plug-ins are simple sets of codes in JavaScript that extend the functionalities of your website. Since most WordPress sites are inherently JavaScript compatible, most of them also show extensive compatibility towards these jQuery plug-ins. They make a living a lot easier for the website developers and designers, who want to endow their creations with new functionalities without extensive coding.

InstaLink – responsive jQuery Instagram plug-in for WordPress users

InstaLink version 2.1.3 offers all users an easy option to embed their Instagram profiles on their websites. This is a responsive jQuery plug-in, and that makes all the difference! The elements including photos, videos and other features in introduces on the website are all responsive as well. They adjust to the screen size of the visitor.

  1. InstaLink can include a widget and image gallery on the website
  2. It offers four choices of image sizes for your site.
  • It shows all the featured images with unlimited scrolling option.
  1. The instaLink plug-in is a developer’s true friend. It has four color options for each user.

InstaLink also has image cache options, customization options using HTML and CSS, configuration options through code generator and endless support from the Support Center.

InstaShow – embed Instagram feed on WordPress site

InstaShow is a super light and uber fast jQuery plug-in for all the WordPress users and developers of this generation.

  1. InstaShow includes over 60 adjustable parameters and a varied combination of Instagram sources. Choose your feed by hashtags, username, location or photo URLs as well.
  2. It is one of the most flexible jQuery Instagram plug-ins for WordPress related use.
  • It can also support the latest versions of Visual Composer.
  1. InstaShow has over ten color schemes that can match your website theme perfectly.
  2. You also get the option to organize your feed better with the help of 2 filters. You can find specific photos and edit them using these enhanced filters.


According to experts at Growr, Spectragram might just be the jQuery plug-in you have been looking to integrate your Instagram marketing efforts to your website till now. It is minimal, simple and yet powerful.

  1. Spectragram can fetch specific users by username and tags.
  2. It can display, and tag photo feeds inside specific lists on the website.
  • You can define HTML tags, and the results will show up as lists of items.
  1. Spectragram also allows you to define the size of any pictures on your website.

This fluff-free plug-in enables all WordPress website designers to display a list of related photos on their website, with tons of customization options.

JQuery Instagram browser

This is a brilliant jQuery plug-in that can provide complete search accessibility for your iPhone or your Android devices. This plug-in enables you to create easy but high ROI campaigns using just mobile devices by integrating your brand Instagram feed with your website.

  1. Pull your Instagram photos by searching those using hashtags or usernames.
  2. Check how your site will look by going on the “Live Preview” option.
  • You can change the way the UI looks by taking some help from CSS.
  1. The interface is super customizable, and you can change it any way you want to suit the theme of your website.

JQuery Instagram browser is easy to use, and it has an intuitive interface.

Instagram Feed by Door Smash Balloon

Instagram Feed does what it claims. It pulls photos from any non-private account on Instagram and allows you to display them on your website. They can display these photos on the same website or different websites, as per your need.

  1. Use multiple Instagram accounts to create your website feed.
  2. It is responsive and performs well on all iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • You can set the size of images on your website, and you can “infinitely load more” photos with the Instagram Feed jQuery plug-in for WordPress.
  1. You can add more detailed and deeper customizations by including new custom CSS and JavaScript codes.

The Instagram Feed website boosts your visibility, and it increases your brand’s market reach by cross-linking several platforms. Above all, you can enjoy endless customer support from the developers.

This is the end

Many of the jQuery plug-ins you will come across outside this article and website are opensource. They are indeed free and subject to continuous development from their developers. These factors often make them lucrative and the first choice of any new developer. The price of a plug-in does not always denote its efficiency. Nonetheless, it is always better to go for plug-ins that comes with high user recommendations, high ratings, and genuine reviews. This also includes the high-end plug-ins from expert developers and JS-based companies. They might weigh more on your pockets, but they come with complete user support and customer assistance.


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