This was the first in a series of three such Digital Marketing conferences that 3XE will be running during 2016. The next 3XE Digital conference takes place on May 11th 2016 and focuses on “Social Media and Content Marketing”, book tickets here. Summary by Anthony Quigley

Approximately 400 delegates descended on Croke Park on 27th January to learn and network, along with 20 of the top digital marketing experts from Ireland and beyond.

The organizers have perfected the schedule, to include a mix of presentations, workshops and plenty of time for delegates to network with their peers, exchanging case studies and best practices.

The following is a short review of each of the various presentations / workshops in order that they appeared on stage:

Gareth Dunlop @dunlop71 of Fathom spoke about the importance of context with the design and marketing of a mobile campaign. People now use their mobiles to search “in the here and now” and therefore understand that Google is also responding to this by delivering results that are focused on the search and also the users’ search history.

Lillian Gallagher of @HuskiesAgency gave us an overview of Performance Intelligence and Creative Intelligence, and the importance of both to marketers when developing marketing campaigns. Data is not just about boring stats and Excel sheets….it can be the creative fertiliser for your next Big Idea….it can bring your ideas to life!

Russ Hall of @Hailo was a standout speaker. He gave an excellent and heartfelt presentation how he (along with 2 others) created Hailo from scratch and the trials and tribulations along the way. How he sat in coffee shops wondering where the next paycheck was coming from and without “a pot to piss in”. He also delighted in telling us the Dragons Den turned him down (and the fact that he has since gone on to raise over £100m!)

Philly Byrne presented an irreverent, informative ‘sermon’ on the key to effective mobile marketing in 2016. From animal GIFs that reveal the secrets of video strategy, to a new set of commandments for digital and the deadly marketing sins that all mobile-savvy brands should avoid, this session is sure to surprise and delight. Which included lots of pictures of cats!

Amy Garcia of Cancer Research UK showed us how, without the deep funding that private companies have, to create a large and significant following using modern digital marketing methodologies Explore how Cancer Research UK is crowdsourcing and greatly accelerating the analysis. She has used mobile gaming apps to engage with a giving audience and uses “citizen science” to help build brand internationally through mobile games.

Dennis Bree @dennisbree of Twitter excited us with the importance of Power of information in real-time. He spoke about how the audiece, brands and marketers can harness the 3 pillars of successful campaigns on Twitter.

Luca Lucchesi works for TSB Bank and shared with the audience how the banking sector is using modern digital methods to overcome some of the challenges mobile marketing presents along with what new opportunities opening up to the bankers with digital.

Brian Stephenson of @zinmobi shared the importance of data (not necessarily Bog Data) for a business, understanding how you shoul dtreat evey customer as unique through one to one marketing and finally how the nerds are taking over and thet your next hire should be a nerd!

Glen Mulcahy of RTE told us how the mobile phone is really a fully functioning video production tool! Organisations like RTE, BBC, NRK, Francetv, and many more are using mobile devices for broadcast every day. The device in your pocket is a complete HD production studio. Shoot, Edit, Share and go live.

Laura Conlon-McKenna of @theAAie shared with how even a company that is over 100 years old can transform and take advantage of the digital revolution. She shared with us how the AA is using Mobile to improve its trading and user experience while at the same time building leverages to use big data.

Philippe Brodeur of @Overcast told us all about how data is SEXY, why people lie to us 25 times every day and that fact that the answers to all of this is not on the phone (so why do we check it 150 times per day!?)

Irish Daly of @eir told about the absolute necessity for marketers to embrace everything that is digital and mobile – because this is where the customers are hanging out, especially with the rise of the Millenial Generation. Businesses need to adopt a mobile first experience that caters to this new digitally savvy generation.

Jonathan Herman of @facebook asked the question Who’s driving the mobile future? and then went on to answer this question by explaining what the future looks like for mobile customers.
There were also a series of 5 workshops which are an integral part of the conference and learning process for savvy marketers.

The details of the Workshops are as follows:

Using Data Direct Marketing, Based on Data, to Improve Customer Experience – conducted by Brian Stephenson of @zinmobi
An overview of the best Google Analytics charts and data that Marketers should get to know – delivered by @wolfgangdigital
How to create and develop and implement a successful PPC campaign using the existing data within a business – delivered by @dmigroup
PPC and Social Advertising specifically fro Mobiles – delivered by @tinderpoint
How to Double Your Conversion Rate – delivered by @slicesconsulting

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