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The 3XE Digital Marketing conference took place at Croke Park on January 29th.


The event was chaired by Anthony Quigley founder of the Digital Marketing Institute, with a great lineup of interesting and varied speakers.

It was a well attended event, despite the snow falling outside. Highlights were Andrew Macadam’s big picture view of where digital marketing was heading, and Monty Munford’s slightly bleak assessment of the future longevity of the current favourite platforms for social media communication. Ed Melvin, Tom Farrell and Eamonn Cary also provided on the money analysis of what had and had not worked for them in digital media campaigns.

One interesting, and unexpected observation, based on a number of impromptu hands in the air surveys, was how few social media monitoring tools were being used by the majority of the audience. Perhaps they were reluctant to reveal the tools they were using. In the lunch break to follow up on this we quizzed a few attendees about this apparent dearth of technological tools used. Many explained this was the reason they had attended the event, to learn more about what is currently out there.

Digital marketing continues to be a rapidly developing and innovating area, it will be interesting to see what topics are covered at the next event in May.


Andrew Macadam  @andrew73, spoke about the ‘Future of marketing’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Tom Farell, Swrve. Tweet him at @island_nine for a copy of his presentation ‘5 killer mistakes in mobile’.

NO FEE 7 3XE Digital Conference  Ross Sheil, @RossySheil Twitter, spoke about mobile marketing in real time.


Ed Melvin, @edwardmelvin Publicis,spoke about the Murphy’s app that rewarded drinkers for rainy days in summer time Cork.


Eamonn Cary, @eamonncarey spoke about ‘Mobile, making moments that matter’.


Monty Munford, @montymunford possibly stole the show with his wry, grumpy old man overview of current social media platforms, their limitations and possible future successors, mentioning Palringo and Reel.


After lunch Ronan O’Halloran presented the capacity of Storm Technology to monitor how your brand is being discussed out there on the web and on social media.

Overall there were lots of interesting speakers and we hope to do individual pieces on several of them in the near future.

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