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Lack of Equality or representation, it is easy to turn the other way or just social signal and call out why it is wrong if that is the en vogue thing to do, what isn’t always as easy is to do something which changes it.

As with wider society, there is much to be done to achieve Gender equality in the technology and investment eco system.

Today I came across and I was both equally impressed with the quality of names involved, but more importantly I love what it stands for.

Gender equality is something for it to be achieved will take both Men and Women, to achieve, but nobody understands the issues, like women. So this platform is fantastic.

For context, group of women VC partners have came together to create as they would like to see more female entrepreneurs build great businesses, and help them if they can. So they’re putting together a group of London based investors to help support the community, inspired by some of their friends in the US who have set up

They know that smaller networks are an issue for female founders, and want to level the playing field.

They will run several sessions a year, where female entrepreneurs can have a 1-on-1 meeting with decision makers at local VC firms for an informal conversation. They will also be running round tables so the entrepreneurs can meet a community of other female founders.

They want to ensure relevancy and useful impact in events my making them stage agnostic expect to run 1 event per quarter, each focused on a stage (Seed, Series A, growth) or theme, with the first session focused on companies coming up to their Series A rounds.

To apply for their Open Hours click here

Shoutout to all the rock star line up of super talented, kick ass women that are involved in the project.

Carina Namih – Episode1
Carolina Brochado – Atomico
Julia Hawkins – Universal Music
Karen McCormick – Beringea
Katie Marrache – JamJar
Leila Rastegar Zegna – Kindred
Luciana Lixandru – Accel
Megumi Ikeda – Hearst
Reshma Sohoni – Seedcamp
Sitar Teli – Connect
Sonali de Rycker – Accel
Suzanne Ashman – LocalGlobe
Tara Reeves – LocalGlobe
Tracy Dorée – Kindred
Wendy Tan White – BGF

With Support from:

Francesca Warner – Diversity VC
Gloria Baeuerlein – Index
Hannah Seal – Index
Niamh Gavin – Lakestar
Sasha Astafyeva – Felix

I will be totally honest, I know a few of you personally and others I know of, but I didn’t know we had so many women in VC but of course we need more.

What is refreshing also is there are new names there and I do believe we need to raise awareness of those hidden gems that we don’t always see or get to know. So well done!

So to see VC’s being so passionate about helping founders is great. 🙂

I believe strongly that ALL forms of diversity issues are at their roots caused by lack of socio economic diversity. I hope there is also diversity in the socio economic backgrounds of these founders also.

It’s all very well having more representation, but if that representation is purely from a single profile or background, then you don’t achieve the various forms of real diversity.

It is why when I went back to Northern Ireland (where I was born) and I saw fragmentation between the tech ecosystem with in many ways almost a community division, of course this isn’t in all cases but the issue is that entrepreneurs are not united, they lack the vital ingredients to success such as mentors, advisors and access to capital (which I feel is in part due to the small ecosystem and disconnection from neighbouring eco systems but also part of the legacy of the troubles)

I realised that together EVERYONE achieves more and we can ill afford to split down the middle and have a them and us culture. So I set up to create a platform to do something about it, as I believe scaleable peace is VERY much only going to happen if the economy is equally as scaleable. Both are symbiotic.

Anyway I digress, WELL DONE for starting this platform.
I wish you all the best of luck and if there is anything I can ever do please let me know 🙂

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