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Feeling frustrated at business networks not catering to the growing number of online savvy Female Entrepreneurs, Samantha Kelly’s Women’s Inspire Network saw the launch of its new membership packages this month. ‘I wanted to create a friendly, safe environment where we could exchange ideas, support one another and learn! With social media and the world of online changing day by day we need to keep ahead of our competitors and keep learning while we build our businesses but it’s also important to have people you can talk to about issues that arise and not stay in our own heads. Sometimes just knowing you aren’t the only one experiencing these issues can make all the difference,’ says Samantha. was officially launched by Tweeting Goddess, Samantha Kelly in 2014 to connect and empower female led businesses.  Originally a Twitter hashtag, the Facebook group now has over 7,000 active members, and hosts a national conference, regional seminars, workshops, E-books and webinars.

WIN (Womens Inspire Network) was created as a fresh channel where women could come together to share experiences and network in a more informal and less intimidating fashion, according to Samantha Kelly, who is a leading social media strategist, operating her own Tweeting Goddess business.

According to founder, Samantha Kelly, “I want business women to know that they are no longer alone, we have created an online women’s membership site that doesn’t require taking a full day out of work to attend workshops or learn more about business.  ‘The membership is global, from your kitchen table to our virtual boardrooms and community spirit is key!’ We have members from all over Ireland as well as the U.S. and Canada.  Our forum was intended to inspire women and help start-up businesses and SMEs.  Our growing membership and the level of engagement we have is testament to the need that WIN fulfils for female entrepreneurs across the world”, the social media expert says.

Having joined different networks herself she felt that she didn’t get real value. She was getting emails once a month about events but found the content wasn’t relevant, it was as if they really didn’t understand the needs of Female Entrepreneurs, says Samantha. One being social media and email marketing for example.  Some networks didn’t even use Skype!  So, she saw there was a gap that needed to be filled. Samantha created a network that works and communicates through on-line coffee mornings, training and access to a panel of mentors, real time support online and valuable learning on monthly webinars!

“The membership is our greatest resource, and the more expertise and experience we can bring on board, the more potential there is for self-employed women to do better business”, its founding member says.

Samantha Kelly is well-known for her proficiency in social media management on Twitter and other social platforms.  As well as marketing the progressive women’s network, she also provides WIN content on how to leverage social media to add value to a business. With most new start-ups trading online through a website nowadays why not have a network that is online to create those ‘water cooler’ moments for them!

The Women’s Inspire Network is the most social media savvy networking group and they also bring the relationships built online into an offline setting, Samantha Kelly explains.

“What makes us different is the fact that you are never alone. You can connect with other just like you from your kitchen table or office without having to organise childcare, save time by not having to travel or get all dressed-up while you build your empire!  Also, as we are social media savvy if you tweet us, we respond!”

WIN is on Facebook and Twitter, with over 7,000 group members and over 10,000 followers on Twitter. #womensinspire is a very popular hashtag twitter chat every Tuesday night at 10pm which trends every week.

“Many of our members are in rural areas, work from home, or cannot attend meetings due to family responsibilities, so all of our resources have to work in digital and social media as well as, occasionally, in direct communication forums like regional conferences”, the Tweeting Goddess says.

We want Everyone to succeed and get real support during the Rollercoaster of getting your business to where you want it to be. We cover all kinds of real topics like reaching your audience, marketing, communications and business development, such as branding, PR, personal development, sales training, wellness and business plans.

Tweeting Goddess, Samantha Kelly is available for interview on the mission of the Women’s Inspire Network (WIN), achievements to date, and the rewards new members can anticipate from involvement in this friendly and highly functional business group.


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Samantha Kelly is a leading social media strategist, speaker and trainer.

Her award-winning company, Tweeting Goddess, plans and delivers cost-effective social media strategies for business and entrepreneurs to harness the power of social media and the online community.

Clients include Hewlett Packard, The HSE, and the Irish League of Credit Unions, where the Tweeting Goddess has also delivered training courses on understanding and maximising social media potential.

An enterprising and collaborative businesswoman, Samantha Kelly was also the founder Social Media Summit Ireland.

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