Dublin duo Conor and James McCarthy have unveiled Flipdish, a fast food ordering app for Apple Watch and iPhone.

The app allows customers to browse menus from restaurants in their area and order deliveries in only 2 taps.

The idea was born out of the frustration Conor experienced trying to order takeaway deliveries.

“Having to enter your address, or your credit card number, every time you place an order really frustrates me. We wanted a smart app, something that didn’t just work but was a pleasure to use. It had to be 10 times faster than the alternative. From day one that’s been our goal. Every design decision was made with that simple concept in mind.”


The app is due to be released in July and some of the features which will be included are:

  • Geolocation – The app will pinpoint users on the map saving time entering your address
  • Previous Orders – Previous orders are stored and displayed
  • Apple Pay When available – Apple Pay functionality means you won’t have to enter credit card details.
  • Food Genres – The app categorizes each dish into specific searchable genres.
  • Order In 2 Taps – The app will let you order food from your favourite restaurants in only 2 quick taps.
  • Apple Watch- The Apple Watch extension means you won’t have to get out your smartphone to complete your order.

Launching this July, the app is a free download and will result in no added cost to the user. Visit flipdish.ie to find out more.

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