Feedly is yet another RSS feed aggregator/ News reader App. In my opinion it is the best.

Feedly has one main advantage over other Apps of this kind. It’s UI. It presents content in an almost magazine like format so you feel like you are flicking between pages rather than screens. This is even more evident on bigger screens such as tablets where in either lanscape or portrait it really gives you the feeling you are using a quality application.

For people not familiar with Feedly, it has been around for some time as an extension or add on for the popular PC browsers (read not available for Internet Explorer!) It’s main draw in the past was it’s ability to sync with Google Reader. What ever feeds you have set up through your Google Reader Account will appear in Feedly, with the option then to search for other content through a normal search or through the content that Feedly offers up as recommended or as featured feeds. All the changes you make on the desktop version are synced to the app on the phone. This remains the easiest way to mange content. What you read on your PC is marked read on the App so you don’t end up reading the same stuff twice.

Content is offered up in what ever order  you have your Google reader set up in. All the articles from the feeds within whatever categories you have set up will be offered in chronological order. I find this to be one of the best features as see content from every feed you have set up and can see how new or old the stories are. I found with other News Reader Apps that offer up content from one feed at a time that you often miss stories from other feeds if you are just briefly checking in and out of the app. With Feedly you get a summary of all your feeds.

If you haven’t used Feedly on a desktop I’d suggest trying this first and then downloading the App once you have content feeds set up to your liking. From then on it will be seamless.






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