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Fawaad Saleem, Chief Strategic Officer of Digital Tribe

Who are you, what’s your back ground? 

I have 10 years’ core experience in Marketing. I have worked for corporations as part of the integral marketing team before starting my own Digital Media Agency i.e. Digital Tribe. I am also the chapter director for Startupgrind Pakistan.

Where you are from? What does your name mean? 

I am from Karachi Pakistan. My name means a Lions Heart J

You website says Pakistan – are you from there / based there? 

Yes I have lived all my life

My brother was there, with an English Pakistani guy, he said everyone was very friendly.

Yes they are J

Why are you planning to come to the Summit / what do you hope to get out of it? 

I plan to network & make new friends. I am looking to see how we can help Startup in Digital Media & see how we can find Channel partners in the same category as Digital Media

Is there anyone in particular you’d really like to meet at the Summit?  

There are so many people I would love to meet it is overwhelming J Would love to meet Peter Thiel  & Robert Scoble.

Why Ireland, what do you know of Ireland ? 

This is the 1st time so very excited to be part of it J

What encounters if any have you had with Irish people? 

We have worked with one of the clients back in 2010. Very nice and friendly person J


What are you working on? 

I am working on Digital Media strategy & consultancy for Fortune 500 companies.

What is awesome about it? 

The excitement on working on something which does not exist & you are at the forefront creating it.

Where do you hope to be in 3 – 5 years time? 

Working more on Products on Ecommerce & Mobile apps

How is it trying to develop and scale a project and product in Pakistan? 

It is brilliant with a population of 180Mill & growing the Internet has a lot to offer.


What is the broadband / wifi like? 

We recent got 3g which will really help the Internet penetration which is at time 16% of the population

Do you have any good workout rounds for power outages or other problems?

That is a challenge but we feel it will get better with the resources we have available.

What should I have asked you? 

You got a lot covered hope this helps J See you In Dublin


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