NEW BOOK: Get future-ready – Europe’s top thought-leaders & entrepreneurs take us on a fast-paced tour of tomorrow, revealing how to challenge, innovate & disrupt everything we know

Why this book matters:

Brings together Europe’s top thought-leaders and entrepreneurs – from Dhiraj Mukherjee, founder of Shazam, to Heather Mills, founder of VBites
8 ground-breaking essays authored by Europe’s brightest minds, each set to fundamentally challenge and re-shape your thought-processes, strategies and predictions for the future

A backstage pass to the exclusive annual Fast Forward Forum – the book offers a snapshot of the themes and issues discussed by the invited group of leading financiers, marketers, consultants, entrepreneurs and mentors at this intimate annual event.

The ultimate coffee table book for entrepreneurs, marketers and innovators – bursting with controversial talking points, light-bulb moments and beautiful photography.

This epic book spans marketing, technologies, wellbeing and innovation – transporting readers outside of today and into the future. It asks today’s most pressing questions and challenges our boundaries. Is there a tipping point for technology? Do we all need to start thinking like children? Are we on the edge of the era of the patient? Is the future conversational experiences? Is veganism the answer to the world’s greatest challenge? Do we need to stop being disruptive? Who will win in the fight between chaos and structure?

The 8 thought-provoking and stimulating essays within the book are the product of the exclusive Fast Forward Forum – a 3 day invite-only forum attended by Europe’s brightest thought-leaders and hosted by Kraftwerk, Austria’s leading digital agency. The book offers a unique insight into the ground-breaking debate this annual event stimulates.

Peppered with humour and humanity, this down-to-earth, easy-to-digest read is guaranteed to light a fire under your creativity, expand your horizons, boost your understanding of today’s most topical issues and re-shape your understanding of – and readiness for – the future.

8 Ground-Breaking Essays:

‘Why thinking like a kid can help seal future success’ by Dhiraj Mukherjee, founder of Shazam
‘The new normal? Why average is the enemy of tomorrow’s talent’ by Markus Hengstschläger, Director of the Institute of Medical Genetics
‘Health matters: Why it’s time to take charge of your own body’ by Robin Farmanfarmaian, TEDx speaker, angel investor and VP of Actavalon
‘The consumer in chaos: Moving between the fast and slow’ by Heimo Hammer, owner & CEO of Kraftwerk
‘Let’s not loose sight of what technology’s really for’ by Pete Trainor, a behavioural designer and Co-founder of Strategic Design
‘Soul food: The changing face of nutrition in today’s world’ by Heather Mills, CEO of VBites, investor and philanthropist
‘What man’s best friend can teach us about innovation’ by Dave Birss, author & founder of
‘In the fight between chaos and structure, who wins?’ By Carla Johnson, renowned keynote speaker & author, & Jon Buckhart, founder of marketing consultancy TBC Global

Fast Forward Files: Opening Up will be published by Molden Verlag in the UK on 7th February, priced at £28 and available from Amazon


Heimo Hammer is the owner and CEO of Kraftwerk, Austria’s leading digital agency. Focusing on the strategic
and creative combination of advertising and technology, he has been a start-up investor and digital entrepreneur
for 28 years.

Always seeking innovations, he has recently transformed the agency to a group of companies and start ups, focusing on consulting, communication and technology. He is the co-founder and host of the Fast Forward Forum.

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