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33entrepreneurs @33entrepreneurs, are a Bordeaux based  StartUp Accelerator and a global VC Fund. They are a really interesting new initiative that we met in Dublin at the Phocuswright event. They are the world’s first Wine+Gastronomy+Tourism StartUps Accelerator, and did we mention they’re based in the beautiful city of Bordeaux too. If you have a relevant idea go for it and send us back a postcard, or better still a bottle of wine!

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About this program

Fall edition of our twice a year Cuvées. This Cuvée will gather up to 8 international teams from all over the world. The last Cuvée was composed of Portuguese, French and Estonian StartUps, including many females. We selected only 5 teams out of 450. Play to your strengths.

33entrepreneurs is an Open StartUp Accelerator and a global VC Fund.
We are based in France and focus on three verticals: wine & spirits,
food and travel. We select, invest in and accelerate promising
startups at seed-level. In those verticales, we bring together
StartUps, large corporations and investors (aka LPs), to deliver value
and disrupt the way 33% of the World GDP is generated very year.

To select Startups, we have a team of analysts producing unparalleled
insights on more than 8,000 international startups such as here
enclosed. We run a series of startups contests, last ones hold in
Dublin, Jerusalem, London, Barcelona. We have run 24 contests as of
today, everywhere in Europe and are to expand in the USA this summer,
in July, when we’ll run 10 contests from New York City to San Francisco.

Our US Tour will start on in New York City, at the
FrenchTouch Conference. Then we will cross 8,000km throughout the USA,
meet more than 500 Startups in 10 different cities, from NYC to SF. We
are partnering with top local companies such as IBM, TechStars, MIT,
Sabre… and French Corporations which support financially our tour.
It will culminate in two cities, in San-Francisco during Bon AppéTech
conference in October and in Miami during Phocuswright conference in
November. Food & Beverage StartUps will then pitch at Bon AppéTech for
a grand finale. Travel StartUps will on their side pitch at Phocuswright’s.

To invest in StartUps, we have a first fund which we would like to
grow next year, with a euros 20 millions fund. Our LPs are willing to
provide us the investment capacity to follow-on our seed investments
towards series A and B. Our aim is to run a euros 200 millions by
2020, to have a unique global positioning on WineTech, FoodTech and

To accelerate Startups, we have a great facility and are building an
outstanding network of Tech Entrepreneurs and industry leaders across
the world. Today, we accelerate StartUps relying on more than 50
Mentors, succesful entrepreneurs and executives within Tech, Wine,
Food and Travel Corporations. We are a Mentors driven accelerator,
meaning that our internal team and mentors do help StartUps pivoting
and refining their project based on entrepreneurial experience and
inspiration, not only business cases and theory like consultants do.
The idea is to gather entrepreneurial minded folks, ready to help
promising startups disrupting the way 33% of the world GDP is
generated every year (wine+food+tourism = 33% of world GDP).

We are also partnering with leading corporations, in our three
verticals, to help them better embracing digital, and fostering
innovation by working with or backing StartUps, globally.

33ENTREPRENEURS:  Accelerating Talent

Play to your strengths, Bordeaux, France

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