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Yesterday I noticed a slew of app updates for any app relating to Facebook, they seemed to be on an app updating spree but of course Facebook doesn’t like to put an information into their change logs anymore. Oh no, they are too ‘hip’ for that. Instead all of this,

Gets populated with all of this…

How very vague and uninformative. However the latest Facebook app update, version 24.0 (seriously Facebook this is getting out of hand, we will be hitting version 30 soon) has brought little annoying/addictive tones to the app. The idea seems to be that these fun little tones will make browsing Facebook more fun and make you want to stay on the app more.

Facebook themselves told that,

“We are in the process of adding sounds to a variety of common Facebook actions for a more delightful experience.”

Last year, Facebook acquired sound design startup WaveGroup which helped them to jazz up the Messenger and Slingshot app with various pops and dings. Clearly Facebook thought that this was a winning idea and there would be no way that adding sounds to the main app every time we decide to press something would piss us off.

Now I say addictive/annoying because some of you may actually enjoy them and you know what? Thats fine. However, for those of you who are cringing in horror, crying in the foetal position in the corner, or simply contemplating smashing the phone in rage, don’t worry – there is a simple solution.

Go to Settings > Sounds > Turn off in-app sounds.

Just to give you some idea of what these sounds are, techcrunch’s Josh Constine has uploaded an Instagram video of them.

Facebook's app now makes cute little sounds

A video posted by Josh Constine (@joshsc) on

Horrific stuff!

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