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Facebook has been making headlines lately over their controversial enforcement of their naming policy where people are forced to use real names. As a result much of the LGBT community has been quite angry and a new social network on the scene has experienced a viral surge which many people are chalking down as a direct result of Facebooks naming policy.

The NY Times has reported that sources close to the project at Facebook have revealed that the social media network is working on an app which will allow people to interact without having to use their real names.

The app is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks and takes a new approach to Facebooks long established take on identity. It is clear that Facebook wants people to use their real identity on the social network and that is not going to change however this app shows that Facebook is willing to explore alternatives.

According to sources reporting to the NY Times, the point is to allow Facebook users to use multiple pseudonyms to openly discuss the different things they talk about on the Internet; topics of discussion which they may not be comfortable connecting to their real names.

At present there are many unknowns such as how the app will interact with the main Facebook app or site (if it will interact at all) or how people will interact with each other on the app, or how the app is going to look.

Anonymity is not a new thing for the internet of course, sites such as Reddit or message boards allow users to sign up anonymously and apps like Secret and Whisper have been introduced to the market to allow people to post dark secrets online in secrecy.

It is also unclear what plans Facebook will have to tackle the issue of trolls or spammers on the service, there is no guarantee the app will even be a success. In an attempt to take on Snapchat, Facebook recently introduced Slingshot which has struggled to take off so far.

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