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A dislike button has been a long requested feature of Facebook and while it may not be on the way in that form, Facebook is considering ways users can express their feelings beyond the like button. Zuckerberg said during a Q&A at the company headquarters on Thursday that they are “thinking about it.”

He was quick to clarify that the button likely wouldn’t say “dislike” on it, he said that people often want to react to posts they see on Facebook with sentiments other than “like.”

“Everyone feels like they they can just push the Like button, and that’s an important way to sympathize or empathize with someone,” Zuckerberg told the audience. But there are times when you may want the simplicity of a one-click response but a “like” doesn’t feel appropriate, he added.

“We need to figure out the right way to do it so it ends up being a force for good, not a force for bad,” he said — because a “dislike” or other negative sentiment could easily be used for the wrong reasons. Facebook has said for a long time they are not keen on a “dislike” button due to the negative response and feeling it enforces.

So while Facebook may be looking at ways to address different ways users can express themselves on the website, it is worth noting that this is not the first time Zuckerberg has made comments along these lines. He made similar comments as far back as 2010.

Zuckerberg was also asked about his New Year’s resolutions which included becoming fluent in Mandarin. He revealed his goal for 2014 was to send one thank you note per day, he said he is still unsure about his goal for 2015.

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