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Android users have started reporting that they are getting a taste of Lollipop’s Material UI design on their Facebook app over the past few days.

Android Police first reported the changes and as tends to be the case with these kinds of updates, it is a gradual rollout with only a small select handful actually seeing the new Material UI. These updates happen on the server side so you will not be prompted to download an update to the app, it will simply either happen or not depending on whether you are one of the select few chose to test the new design.

via The Next Web

Further to that, when users get the new design they are even noticing a difference in the functionality of the action button in the bottom right to compose a new status. Some users press it and are directed to the standard compose status update, while others see the options to write a post, take or upload a photo and share location instead.

It is not an error if you don’t see the same changes as someone else, clearly Facebook wants to try a few different options before pushing an official update. The Next Web reported that when they deleted and reinstalled the app they were reverted to the non Material design UI.

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