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Recently Facebook was valued at $201.6 billion which is enough to slip it in to number 22 on the list of largest companies in the world.

Much of that value comes from ads and in order to attract advertisers Facebook sells them your information. It also introduces features that tend to annoy users but appease the advertisement company. With that in mind, here are some Facebook settings you may want to change.


1. Autoplaying Videos

Not only is this annoying but it can also consume your data when you are out and about browsing your Facebook page. Instead of clicking on a video Facebook wants to play it for you, straight away. This is an attempt to grab your attention, click on an advert and find out more.

Well I prefer to click on the video myself if I really want to watch it, I also don’t want autoplaying videos consuming my precious data. If you are on mobile you can turn off autoplaying videos in the settings menu of your iPhone or Android device.

2. Privacy settings

Facebook typically comes under fire every now and then with regard to its privacy settings, when you post something onto Facebook there may be a good chance you don’t want it to be public for everyone.  You need to get your post privacy settings right the first time.

Go to the settings page in the upper right corner of your profile. Click the privacy tab on the left and then click on the edit button on each different option you see. This will give you a drop down menu where you can select the privacy options you want and best suits your needs.

In many cases you will probably want to change the settings to either friends or off. I recommend keeping an eye on this, Facebook has a tendency to alter privacy settings from time to time and brand them as a default setting meaning you need to go and alter something yourself again.

3. Clear your searches

Do you spend time looking up old flames or people you are interested in? So much so that if someone else found out it may be considered creepy? It is not an uncommon thing to do in fact but you may be surprised that Facebook saves all your searches. Anyone who gets into your account can see them and as we all know from ‘fraping,’ account access is not hard to come by at times.

Luckily you can clear your search history, however it is not as straight forward as altering other settings on your Facebook page.

First go to the settings menu, then click on the privacy tab, under the option “who can see my stuff?” you need to click on the “use activity log.” This is where Facebook keeps all the data it has been storing on you since you first signed up.

Open the activity log and click on the “more” option under the tab listings that start with “photos.” From here you will be able to find the “search” menu and you will be able to clear all the searches you have carried out from Facebook.

It is possible to do, Facebook just likes to keep it hidden from you.

4. Social Advertising

Facebook can show you what your friends are buying, this can be used by advertisers heavily to leverage ads in your direction.

Back to the settings page! Click on the ads tab, click on the edit button for each option and then change them to ‘no one’ instead of ‘friends.’

Facebook claims that it does not sell your information to advertisers, what they do however is put you in a group that the advertisers can browsed based on the data you have given them. If you and one of your friends share a hobby or an interest then Facebook takes note of that.

If you mention a product or company on Facebook then it will probably put what you have said next to an advert so that your friends can see it. It is basically a testimonial that you may never want to have given in the first place.

Altering these settings can help keep your data and information private from Facebook and stop advertisers potentially using what you make as a passing comment in their ads to promote their products.

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