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Facebook now auto-enhances photos which are uploaded from an iOS device before posting to the social network. A feature which Google+ implemented some time ago, Facebook is now following in their footsteps and making it available to their own users.

Smartphones have made ‘photographers’ out of most of us, however many people don’t have the pro-level editing skills in order to make their photos stand out and look really great. Now when you upload to Facebook using an iOS device, the photo is enhanced automatically for clarity, lighting and shadow.

The feature launched for iOS on Tuesday and is expected to be made available for Android users soon. “We want to make it easy, and as few taps as possible to make your photo memories beautiful” a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable.

The auto-enhance feature has been available before however it has been hidden under the menu where you could also select filters for your Facebook photos. Now the whole process happens without you needing to do anything yourself.

Since Instagram made filters popular, image-enhancement tools have become all the rage and have been popping up all over mobile devices. Google+ started to automatically enhance images last year and other social platforms have been working to improve their photo upload quality too. Twitter recently implemented new filters which largely imitate the ones that you find on Instagram.

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