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Video is all the rage at the moment, live stream services such as Periscope and Meerkat are finding their feet in what is becoming a very popular market. While we have had Facetime on Apple devices for some while now, it seems as if Facebook is the service who has struck gold with video calls. They have reported that there was 1 million video calls placed in just the first 2 days of the service being launched.

Video calling on Facebook is available in 18 markets with expansion due to come in the next few months. The numbers that Facebook are boasting about right now are pretty impressive considering that it is not even a global feature at the moment.

Facebook has been ramping up its Messenger platform over the past year, it started by splitting from the main app which initially caused a lot of anger among users however now we are starting to see why it was necessary. They then introduced features like stickers, peer to peer payments between users and VoIP (Voice over IP) calls worldwide. The messenger app now accounts for 10% of VoIP calls worldwide and is a serious thread to services like Viber.

With the introduction of video calling, Facebook is turning its attention to the big boys of the market and heading into competition with more established services like Skype. The early popularity of Meerkat and Periscope has indicated that live video content could really end up going mainstream (if your business has not been paying attention to these live streaming apps so far now is the time to sit up and find out what they are all about!) and the push for live content to go mainstream is helped by improving data and internet speeds along with more sophisticated mobile devices.

Third party developers have also been getting in on Facebook Messenger after the service was made a platform and has allowed outside developers in to augment the Messenger experience and incorporate Messenger utilities with their own apps.

Facebook continues to make strides with Messenger, now we know why they were willing to put up with all the moaning and groaning last year when they decided to split the app and force you to download it from the App Store instead.

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