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Next week is Facebook’s F8 developer conference and there are heavy rumours that Facebook could be preparing to announce new ways for third party services to connect and offer experiences through the Facebook Messenger app.

It is no secret by now that Facebook wants you to spend as much time on their website and services. The more time you spend inside the Facebook ecosystem, the more money they are making and after seeing services in China such as WeChat succeed beyond text messaging, Facebook is hoping to do the same.

Messenger is rumoured to be the major focus of F8 however it is unclear how exactly Facebook plans to allow apps integrate through messenger and what kind of services will be allowed to connect through messenger. It is likely to be a slow process with a few partners before possibly opening up to more developers.

Facebook will also be trying to avoid letting spam slip into the messenger app. At the moment it is pristine however letting developers to connect through messenger could lead to potential spam and Facebook will be keen not to allow earlier mistakes re-present themselves again.

When Facebook was shifting to more mobile use they got a bad reputation for over sharing content to feeds due to the open graph service in place at the time. Facebook will be keen not to allow similar complaints happen again on the Messenger service.

Messenger was launched in 2011 and has undergone some major transformations on mobile, most notably when users were forced to download the Messenger app last summer as the service was discontinued on the flagship app. Since then Messenger has bolstered features, the most recent addition is mobile payments through the app.

Much more will be revealed about the future of Messenger when Mark Zuckerberg takes to the stage at F8 to give his opening keynote.

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